Local Clay Minutes

February 24, 2013

Board/budget meeting

Present: Ziggy Blum, Karen Washburn, Nolan Blansit, Leslie Friedman, Merry Newcomer, Maryanne Smith, Annie Heron


1. We had a discussion of the LCC Scholarship donation, and Ziggy will inquire (once again) as to who the recipient will be. She will also inquire as to whether Umpqua Community College still has a Ceramics Dept., and what they are doing with our contributions.

2. We had some discussion as to whether our accountant is doing an adequate job which is worth what we pay them, and Merry will pursue further investigation. It was noted that Local Clay purchased a copy of Quicken for the Mac which can be put on other computers.

3. It was noted that our bank acct. at Pacific Continental sits without gaining interest. Merry will investigate whether this can be remedied.

4. Leslie has been negotiating with Kathryn Finnerty at Lane about workshops. Kathryn is not wanting to host as many of these. Annie suggested Amazon Community Center as a possible venue. Leslie suggested acquiring a DVD library which could be made available to membership. We talked about DVD viewing as a possible program suggestion. Merry suggested having someone video our workshops. We discussed whether early November was a good time for workshops, and it was suggested that perhaps late October would conflict less with preparations for the holiday selling season. 

5. It was decided that Ziggy and Kevin will design our new brochure, a tri-fold color one. Annie will solicit pictures from the membership of potters doing interesting things.

6. The new budget was approved unanimously.

7. Clay Fest budget will be sent out and approved by email.

Changes to By-laws

1. Annie moved and Karen seconded that we remove the  office of President-elect from the by-laws. Approved. 

2. Leslie moved that the Program Chair will also maintain Local Clay’s presence on social media sites. Seconded and approved.

3. Annie will rewrite the by-laws to reflect these changes and send them to Merry to be posted on the website.

Strategies for Increased Participation in Local Clay

We agreed on the need to attract more members and to make meetings more useful and interesting. A number of strategies were proposed:

  1. 1. Meeting in homes to create a more personal atmosphere. (Nolan volunteered his home at 3511 Wood for the next meeting)
  2. 2. The new brochures to be widely distributed, posted at UO, LCC, Amazon, Craft Center, Georgies, Maude Kerns, etc. Also to include a listing of these places as possible venues for “doing clay.”
  3. 3. Program ideas that would attract more folks
    1. a. A panel to talk about getting work out – Etsy, galleries, websites, etc.
    2. b. Possible workshop on photographing work
    3. c. DVD previews as program.

4. Annie will contact Sana Krusoe at UO to see about       sharing info on workshops.

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