Local Clay Board meeting

November 15, 2017


Members present: Ziggy Blum, Deb Christiansen, Karen Washburn, Avi Harriman, Molly Buckles, Cecile Haworth, Merry Newcomer


The first topic of conversation revolved around combining outreach and publicity with social media. Outreach includes the Meet-up platform that Cecile, Outreach Chair, was instrumental in establishing this past year. That effort currently has drawn 100 members who signed up for Local Clay offerings and 20+ interested businesses which benefits both arms of this combined organization to promote clay arts in Eugene and beyond. That discussion also included ideas about how to or whether to combine those efforts with Clay Fest outreach efforts and how those relationships would work. A local potter fairly new to the community, Nicole Hummel, has offered her time and energy to help Clay Fest take advantage of social media for outreach efforts. Cecile Haworth, Webmaster and Outreach Chair, said she is not in favor of separating Clay Fest and Local Clay outreach and social media promotional efforts. Outreach would be the umbrella under which meetups and social media would fall. If Nicole is interested Cecile would like to work with her to combine the outreach efforts related to social media overall to promote both Local Clay's efforts to increase membership and participation and Clay Fest's efforts to draw potters for an interesting, diverse and fun annual show. She, Nicole, would take over Social Media duties and responsibilities with Cecile's support and mentorship if she, Nicole, is willing.


In addition Cecile reported during a recent effort to improve the website and simplify how to work with it most effectively she made contact with a local man who works in the web industry. He suggested working with a product called Word Press. It is described as user friendly, responsive and works much like Word. This individual is not associated with any particular business. He offered to set it up for a fee within the $500.00 current budget with monthly maintenance at $200.00 per year. If agreeable she will pursue this effort toward website migration. The suggestion was thus moved and seconded.


Debbie Christensen, Clay in Education chair, reported opportunities for potters to participate in projects at the city library and four schools so far beginning in late January 2018. Potters would be paid per hour for two to three presentation hours plus one to two hours of preparation. Debbie will create a document for inclusion in the December newsletter with more details.


Avi Harriman, Program Chair, will begin the process of organizing donations to empty bowls coming up in a few months. In addition he will determine whether Clay Space will again be a venue option for this year's Local Clay picnic and investigate other options such as public park spaces.


The new slate of officers was established to be voted on at the next board meeting scheduled for January 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm and are as follows:


President: Ziggy Blum

Secretary: Molly Buckles

Treasurer: Robin Sanchez

Program: Avi Harriman

Clay Fest: Karen Washburn

Clay in Education: Debbie Christensen

Webmaster: Cecile Haworth

Social Media Outreach: Nicole Hummel