LOCAL CLAY MINUTES – March 14, 2013

Members present: Ziggy Blum, Avi Harriman, Leslie Friedman, Annie Heron, Nolan Blansit, Bonnie King, Maryanne Smith.  Visitors: Trudi Earls, Kevin (Ziggy’s partner)

Minutes from last meeting approved. 



Annie is working on a current membership list and will send it out to the board.

Changes from last meeting were reviewed – position of President-elect has been eliminated from the by-laws. Merry noted they will need to be rewritten further as the position is mentioned in other sections of the by-laws. She will let Annie know about this further.


Workshop on Tile-making scheduled at Georgies, 3 participants signed up so far; there is room for 8 total.

As Workshop Chair, Leslie has begun a Lending Library for the membership to use. She bought 2 DVD’s; one on mold-making and slip-casting and another by Sandi Pierantozzi on handbuilding.

Clay in Education:

One payment was made.

Empty Bowls:

Nolan has established contact with Food for Lane County as the new Empty Bowls chair for Local Clay. The Throwathon was successful, 430 bowls produced!! and an excellent time was had by all. Lots of quality and variety. Bowls may be delivered to Clay Space or FFLC until May 1; preferably before 4/16).


Clay Fest applications will be posted by April 15.

New Business:

We discussed a policy for the Video Lending Library. The following motion was seconded and approved.

Video Lending Library Policy: 

Leslie will send an email to the membership informing them of this new service.


There was a discussion of ways to encourage more people to join and to get more involved with the activities of Local Clay. Kevin is working on a new brochure for us, and we talked about distributing these at Clay Fest, UO, LCC, Maude Kerns, Clay Space, Amazon Community Center, the UO Craft Center, Georgies and other venues.

We will ask Sam for the password to the Facebook page so that all Board members can post to it.

We also thought of promoting ourselves and our work through a continuous loop video of different members at work, to play at Clay Fest. This would perhaps be a way to recruit new demonstrators as well!


We have donated $500/yr. to both LCC and Umpqua Community College to use for scholarships for promising ceramics students. We would like to have more information as to how this money is used. Maryanne Smith, as Clay in Ed Chair, is willing to work on a way to have students apply for funding directly from us, and report back to us, including photos and possibly coming to a meeting to talk about their work.

Next Meeting

May 15, 6:30 at Annie Heron’s, 2489 Emerald St., Eugene.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn.

Local Clay Treasurer’s Report: 3/14/13 Meeting

Balance brought forward 1/23/13: $4062.89


2013 memberships 375.00

Workshop (Middelton) 505.00

Total income: 880.00


Workshop (Middelton) 1085.50

Clay in Ed-A Heron     25.00

DVDs for Library   109.40

P.O. Box renewal     30.00

Total expenses: (1249.90)

Loss for period: (369.90)

Ending cash for 2/24/13 3682.99