Local Clay Minutes

January 21, 2015


Present: Ziggy Blum, Cecile Haworth, Mari Corrigan, Maryanne Smith, Karen Washburn, Avi Harriman, Beverly Curtis, Annie Heron, Merry Newcomer, Robin Russell, Trudy Earls, Elise Corin, Tony Pierson




Minutes from last meeting were approved.


By-Laws Changes We discussed the changes which were agreed on at the last meeting: we added the position of Outreach Chair, and the position of Program Chair was extended to include Empty Bowls as well as Workshops.  Karen W. had sent around to the Board a copy of the changes in the by-laws. It was moved and seconded to approve these changes, thus reducing the number of officers from 10 to 8. The motion passed unanimously.


Elections It was moved and seconded to elect the new slate of officers nominated at the last meeting. This was also unanimously accepted. New officers for 2015:


President            Ziggy Blum

Secretary            Annie Heron

Treasurer  Robin Russell Sanchez

Clay in Ed. Maryanne Smith

Clay Fest chair Karen Washburn

Webmaster        Merry Newcomer

Outreach Chair Cecile Haworth





President had nothing new to report.

Secretary had nothing new to report.

TreasurerÕs report indicated that we are doing better financially, ending the year with a net total of $2745 in our treasury. This was due at least in part to having no workshops and not giving scholarships. Maryanne noted that the LCC scholarship fund has now reached a level where it is self-sustaining. She cautioned that scholarships from the fund may not necessarily go to Ceramics students; they may be given to Art students from other disciplines.

Clay in Education

Maryanne reported that Kay Irish has done two workshops with Girl Scouts, and has one more coming up. Katie Swenson also did a clay activity with pre-schoolers. There was a general discussion about how to best use our Clay in Ed. budget – to support artists going into schools and community groups, to support artistsÕ continuing education in workshops, to look for other scholarship options. Maryanne also raised the possibility of paying more for the artistÕs time, at least partially to acknowledge prep time needed.  It was agreed to continue this discussion at the budget meeting.

Program  Avi reported that he has met with Food for Lane County to discuss the Empty Bowls event. He has coordinated the date so it does not conflict with Showcase booth selection. Empty Bowl making and trimming will be at Clay Space, March 7 & 8. The Empty Bowls sale will be June 5 in the Dining Room facility on 8th.

Clay Fest  Karen reported that the first meeting of the Steering Committee has been held. A contract should be coming soon from the Fairgrounds. Budget meeting will be held next month.

Webmaster Merry is frustrated by Network Solutions, and we discussed other programs that might make her life as Webmaster simpler. She is hoping for a web angel to save her from despair.

Outreach  Cecile was not able to attend the Arts Business Alliance of Eugene, but Annie went and gave a short report. There are resources there to help artists form partnerships with the business community. Cecile also mentioned Eugene-a-Go-Go, a website that allows members of the arts community to make their doings known in various way, and suggested we promote it to our members through the newsletter.





At our last several meetings we have had free-ranging discussions about why our membership and meeting attendance has been fading. We all agreed we did not want to have meetings just for the sake of having meetings. We finally determined that we would have four yearly meetings instead of six. These four meetings would be as follows:

January – election of officers, potluck, planning the year

April – Turn in bowls for Empty Bowls, Sign up for committees (outreach & networking, picnic planning, etc.), learn techniques to prepare for picnic, other picnic prep.

August – Picnic. Naked raku, demos and hands on interaction, food!

November – Nominations, year-end wrap-up, possible panel on clay opportunities in our community.



This meeting line-up was approved after it was moved and seconded. [SecretaryÕs note: we will need to vote on this at the Board/budget meeting, as our Bylaws state:

Section 5. General Meetings : notice of general meetings shall be given in writing six times a year and delivered by U.S. mail and/or email.]



It was suggested that officersÕ reports be submitted in writing previous to the meeting, and that those could be collated and copied so that they were available to all. Thus we would not bore our membership with the tedium of Board transactions (who wants to be bored by the board anyway???)




Meetings for the year: January 21, 2015

April 16, at Clay Space.

August 16th, at Clay Space

November 18th, at Clay Space


Board meeting, to plan budget: February 25 at ZiggyÕs,

1575 Washington.


Respectfully submitted:

Annie Heron

Local Clay Secretary