Local Clay Meeting, 11/12/2009

Attendance: Maryanne Smith,  Melinda King, Frank Gosar, R. Atencio, Merry newcomer, Pat Brooks, Judith  Cross, Rhoda Fleischman, Michael Fromme, Paula Mance, Hilda Wiesenmeyer, Leslie Friedman

Old Business

Secretary:   The minutes from May were accepted.  Frank moved, Maryanne


Treasurer's Report:           Total income since August: $299.  Total

expenses:  $145.57.  Balance forward: $4982.74

Clay Fest:  Sales were up by $6-7,000, which is 16% increase from 2008.  It was the best year ever!

Clay in Ed:  There's only been one Clay in Ed presentation so far this year.

There has been one new inquiry at Oakland Elementary and 3 more responses of interest from Michael's email.  Anyone who has a project in mind should contact Maryanne Smith for an application.  Christmas might be a good time to do a Clay in Ed presentation at schools and senior centers.  The schools provide the material and Clay in Ed pays the potter $25/hour.  Maryanne has been telling teachers about the program.  Please fill out an application before doing the project.  Also, please document the project with photos so the Clay Fest booth can show current images.

Empty Bowls:  The auction gala netted $194,000 for Food for Lane County.

Scholarship:   A reception will be held on Monday at 4:00 pm at the Center

for Learning at LCC to honor scholarship recipients.  Local Clay should send a representative.  Michael or Rhoda will attend.

Workshops:  Tom Rohr had planned to coordinate a November workshop featuring Joan Bruneau from the University of British Columbia.  Tom passed away in June.  His wife, Kathryn Finnerty will coordinate the workshop for early 2010.  Local Clay will co-sponsor.  Another workshop scheduled for early 2010 will feature Charlie Gluskoter , who makes large pieces with crackling glazes, lizards, and large lids.  He makes glaze from local slips.

Other workshops planned for 2010 -2012  include   Ayumi Horie ,   teaching

us how to sell pottery on the web.  Her specialty is throwing pottery dry.

D. Swazy will teach us to make plaster press molds.  He learned mold-making from a Japanese potter in the late 70's in San Francisco.  All workshops are reasonably priced.  Local Clay members are given a discount.

New Business

Elections will be held at the January potluck meeting.  Please note that nominations from the floor are encouraged.  Current office holders will gladly give someone else a chance to the job and earn a Clay Fest point.

          President:  Michael Fromme will not run again.  Paula Mance is considering the position.

          Secretary:  Leslie Friedman will run again.

          Treasurer:  Frank Gosar would be happy to be replaced so he can give all of his attention to Clay Fest graphics.  The Treasurer is responsible for both Local Clay and Clay Fest, and earns a point for both jobs.  The treasurer's job doesn't  include bookkeeping, which is handled by an outside bookkeeper.

          Clay in Education:  Maryanne Smith will run again.

          Workshops:  Rhoda Fleischman will run again as Workshop Chair.

She'd like Demos/Programs to be a separate function chaired by another person.  The job involves finding people to do the demonstrations that follow the November, March, and May Local Clay meetings, and sending thank you notes.  The job will also organize the picnic activities ( having a raku expert, if we continue doing raku).  Past demos have been Katie's tiny porcelain, Frank's mice, slide presentations, pulling handles, a chiropractor showing stretches for the wheel,, salt firing, and more.  The presentations last 15-45 minutes.

          WebMaster: open position

          Empty Bowls:  Josh Allen will run again.

Workshop Images:            Rhoda has taken many digital photos from past

workshops and needs help putting them on the Local Clay website.  It's a good way to promote LC as an organization that sponsors great workshops!  It can show photos of past workshops and list upcoming workshops.  She'd like to have a special place on the LC website that's dedicated to workshop images.  R. Atencio suggested that she post the images on Flickr, but Rhoda needs a way to link the two.  We need a new WebMaster.  Maybe someone who lives outside of Eugene would like this job so they can accrue points for Clay Fest.

2010 Meeting dates  6:30 pm at Georgies

Wednesday, January 13 (potluck/election meeting)

Thursday, March 11

Wednesday, May 12

Picnic, Sunday August 22 (time and place to be determined)

Thursday, November 4

 Merry moved that we adjourn.  Melinda seconded.

Rhoda's informative and fascinating packing/shipping demonstration followed the meeting.  Thanks, Rhoda, for all the great ideas!