Local Clay minutes     11/10/2011

Attendance.  Frank Gosar, Ziggy Blum, Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua, Karen Washburn, Merry Newcomer, Susan Fischel, Karl Smiley, Avi Harriman, Maryanne Smith, Leslie Friedman, Elisa Pandolfi, Annie Heron


Old Business

Treasurer:  $3730.00

Workshops:  Ruthann Tudball is scheduled for the last weekend of February at LCC.  Since her Clay Fest demo, there’s been a lot of interest in a Ginger Steele workshop, possibly at Club Mud in January.

Clay in Ed:  $207 from Clay Fest

Program:  Avi will do a presentation tonight and Rhoda will do one at the next meeting with a retrospective of her 40 years in ceramics.  Avi recommends that we get a projector for future demos and workshops.  We can use it to run a loop during Clay Fest with photos of each person’s work and booth number.

Clay Fest : Open positions Are: Treasurer, Demos, Publicity, Sales, Visa, Bookkeeper, Graphics.
Trainee:  Gallery Display, Webmaster,  Cash

Empty Bowls:   Maryanne attended the last sale and said there were few customers and high prices.  Higher than potter’s regular prices.  Annie said she can talk to Food for Lane County regarding pricing. Maybe they should come to our meeting like they've come in the past.  Avi will talk to Josh.

Webmaster: Will post dates of local clay meetings.

New Business

President - Ziggy
President-Elect - open
Secretary - Leslie
Treasurer - Open
Workshop  - Rhoda
Clay in Ed - Maryanne
Program - avi with Sam as trainee
Clay Fest - Karen
Empty Bowls - Josh or Annie
Webmaster - Merry

We can accept nominations for President-Elect and Treasurer (or any other position) until the Elections in January.

2012 Meeting Dates:


Wednesday January 11


Thursday March 8


Wednesday May 9


Sunday August 26, Tentative date for picnic


Thursday November 8


All meetings will be held at 6:30 at Georgies.  The picnic date time and location is TBA



Frank and Merry adjourned

Demo... Avi presented a detailed slide show on building a spray booth.  Very informative.  Thanks, Avi!