Local Clay Meeting, November 8, 2012 (Amended 01/23/13*)

Treasurer Report:  current balance of $4182.21

Workshops: Next workshop scheduled for January 26-27.  Forrest Lesch Middleton will lead a two-day workshop with some hands-on participation. He starts each piece as a slab, prints geometric designs on the clay, then throws it on the wheel. LCC 10-4. Potluck lunch on both days.  Tuition to be announced (probably in the $35 range)

Clay in Ed: Clay Fest was very successful.  The raffle raised $319 and the donated pots sold for an additional $265.  There was also one inquiry at Clay Fest from a school that would like a Clay in Ed project,

Programs:  After tonight’s meeting we’ll talk about workshops from the point of view of putting on workshops as well as the point of view of attending workshops.

Webmaster: Everything is up to date.

Clay Fest. Trainee positions are open For Signage, Bookkeeper, Graphics, Credit/Debit, Webmaster. This year Clay Fest sales were up 15% for a gross income of $85044.

New Business:

Exciting news:  Instead of Clay Fest paying $1000 for storage, Georgies will use the pedestals for a gallery where local clay artists will show work. First show will be around the first of the year, 2013.

Elections will be held at the January Meeting.  All slots are open for anyone to take on.  The job descriptions are listed on the Local Clay website. All officers receive a Clay Fest point.  The following is a list of people willing to take the jobs.  Again, they are all available to be taken on by you!

President:  Ziggy Blum

President-Elect: Annie Heron

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Merry Newcomer

Clay in Education: Maryanne Smith

Clay Fest: Karen Washburn*

Programs: Avi Harriman

Workshops: Rhoda Fleischman/Leslie Friedman

Empty Bowls: Josh Allen/Nolan Blansit

WebMaster: Merry Newcomer

The Board will schedule a meeting before January to discuss the status of Social Media Chair and to re-name President-Elect as Vice-President.  Rhoda made a motion that we have our annual Board Meeting in February after Clay Fest has its budget meeting.  Nolan seconded.

We may need a new Local Clay brochure. We’d like a spiffier image to inspire more community interest.

No announcements or further business. Merry moved and Nolan seconded that we adjourn.

NEXT MEETING - January 23, 2013.  Elections and Potluck!

Local Clay Treasurer’s Report 11/8/2012

Balance brought forward 8/26/12 3620.30


2012 Memberships   30.00

Clay in Ed:

Donated pot sold at Clay Fest 265.00

Raffle proceeds 319.00

Total Income 614.00


Workshop flyer   3.00

Secretary: postage 13.20

Clay in Ed brochures 35.89

Total Expenses (52.09)

Profit for period 561.91

Ending cash 11/8/12 4182.21