Local Clay Minutes, November 4, 2010

Attendance:  SarahLyn Brooks, Frank Gosar, Michael Fromme, Bryna Livingston, Merry Newcomer, Annie Heron, Maryanne Smith, Wayne Lambert, Leslie Friedman

President – Paula is moving out of state later this month to care for an elderly parent. Annie Heron will be President- elect for the remainder of 2010 and then 2011 President. 

Secretary:  Michael moved and Merry seconded approval of the minutes.

Treasurer's Report:  -$865.03 for period.   A few 2011 memberships have already been paid and should bring us back to the + range soon.  Frank moved and Merry seconded approval of the treasurer's report

Annie will represent us at the LCC reception for Local Clay’s Tom Rohr Memorial Scholarship.

Clay Fest: we had the highest sales ever with a 3-5% increase:  gross $79,992.  Avi has officially given notice that he plans to move and will not be next year’s Clay Fest Chair.  Please think about taking on the job.

Workshops:  Rhoda is working on having Ruthann Tudball give another workshop.  She also plans a 3 instructor mini workshop event for 2011.  (Frank has already confirmed to teach brush making)

Clay in Ed:  Bought a display for Clay Fest.  Brought in $221. Maryanne has passed out a large number of forms and expects more sessions during Xmas season.

Empty bowls:  No report.  Food for Lane County Auction netted $220,000.  The table bowls brought in about $5,000.

Webmaster: Merry can update photos in gallery and committee pages on our website.  She still needs individual photos of Clay Fest winners. Please send them to her at claycat@efn.org.

Demo: tonight's demo will feature Made Tools.  SarahLyn will continue with the job until she moves to Portland.


New business

Local Clay Facebook Page – 107 fans!  Sam placed photos from the Craig Martell workshop on Facebook.  He can post a call for potential officers, meeting announcements; solicit ideas for visiting artist workshops.  Individual sales – holiday sales or Saturday Market.  Good job, Sam!

Local Clay Bylaws and Clay Fest policy may be out of date.  Merry would like to update the websites with more current info.  Avi may have the most complete documents.

 Next year's scheduled meetings:

          Wednesday January 12 potluck and election

          Thursday March 10

          Wednesday May 11

           Sunday August 28 Picnic

Thursday November 10

All meetings are scheduled for 6:30 pm at Georgies, with the exception of the picnic which will be determined at a later date.


 Election nominations:

 Leslie nominates Annie Heron as 2010 president-elect.  Unanimous passage! 

 2011 slate

President Annie Heron

President-Elect – vacant position

Secretary – Leslie Friedman

Treasurer - Frank Gosar

Clay-in-Education - Maryanne Smith

Workshop – Rhoda Fleischman

Workshop trainee – vacant position

Demo – Sarahlyn Brooks

Clay Fest Chair - vacant position

Empty Bowls– Josh Allen

Webmaster – Merry Newcomer

Please call Annie or Leslie if you'd like to nominate yourself or someone else for any position,


Anne Glancy would like to start a Local Clay Cone 6 Subgroup where we can share info or ideas.  The group can meet at Georgies.

The demo of 'made' tools gave us a lot of ideas for making or repurposing tools for clay.  It was a very creative and enlightening presentation.