Local Clay Minutes, May 12, 2010


In Attendance:         Maryanne Smith, Frank Gosar, Paula Mance, Ingrid Hanson, Merry Newcomer, Judith Cross, pat Brooks, SarahLyn Brooks, Avi Harriman, Anne Glancy, Ziggy Blum, Annie Hubbird, Michael Fromme, Leslie Friedman




Secretary:  Merry Moved that we accept the Minutes.  Frank seconded.


Treasurer:  Expenses were $359.  Balance forward is $5779


ClayFest:  Everything is on track.  Booth Selection will be later this month on May 18 at 7:30 at Georgies, following the ClayFest meeting at 6:30.  The Fairgrounds may have a new regulation – instead of a fire extinguisher in every booth, we may be able to keep fire extinguishers on stands every 20 feet.  If this adds a hypothetical $5, are people willing to use group extinguishers?  Having fire extinguishers in the middle of every row every 20 feet may be unattractive.  If we don’t go with this idea, extinguishers can be rented from Natl. firefighters on 6th St or Sanderson Safety Supply on conger.  Chris Borg is a Certified Fire Inspector and may be able to inspect our ser-up.  We’ll discuss all extinguisher issues at the next ClayFest meeting. 


Clay In Ed:  There was one payout of $37.50 for Rhoda’s presentation at a school in Linn county.  Maryanne requests a sturdy shelving unit as a permanent ClayFest Clay in Ed display.  Maryanne moved that we budget $150 for a permanent shelving unit for Clay in Ed.  Avi seconded.  The display unit can be stored in the ClayFest storage space.

Empty Bowls: Maryanne announce that Josh reminds people to bring their finished bowls to Clay Space, Georgies, or directly to Food for Lane County offices.


Workshops:  Rhoda is working on a possible workshop with Craig Martell.  There’s also the strong possibility of a day with three mini workshops.


Old Business:  Rosemary Atencia is the new WebMaster.  Tim Sheehan will train her.  Avi can help.  She’ll post old minutes, workshop photos, and photos of members’ pottery.


New Business:  The annual Local Clay picnic is scheduled for August 22 at Clay Space.  We’ll eat pizza baked in the Clay Space pizza oven, and we’ll do a raku firing.  Bring bisque ware for raku, pizza toppings and a side dish to share.  Dough, sauce and cheese will be provided.  Ingrid volunteered to make the pizza sauce. 


Clay Space will have a 3rd Birthday Party this Saturday, May 15. 

On May 23, Club Mud will have a 21st anniversary celebration, with a potluck at 3 pm.  Former Club Mud members are invited.


Paula will step down as Local Clay President at the end of this year.  Pleas think about replacing her.  The job is basically chairing the meeting and sending announcement emails.

The meeting was followed by a program featuring found tools.  We all shared ideas, learned new techniques, and had fun!