Local Clay Meeting – May 11, 2011

Attendance:  Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Ziggy Blum, Maryanne Smith, Merry Newcomer, Rhoda Fleischman, Annie Heron, SarahLyn Brooks, Kris Anderson, Avi Harriman, Susan Fishel, Gil Harrison, Pat Brooks, Judith Cross, Wayne Lambert, John And Susan Siwinski, Elisa Pandolfi, Leslie Friedman


Minutes - Approved as read

Treasurer Report – $419 expenses, $610 income, $3404.07 balance forward

Workshop – Lisa Orr led a workshop earlier this year.  Ruthann Tudball from England is scheduled to lead one in February 2012.  Rhoda would like to transfer part of her 2011 budget to next year to cover expenses for the Tudball workshop.

Clay in Ed – Chiachen had a 6 week after school workshop at Roosevelt Middle school

Program chair – Our annual picnic is set for 8/28 at ClaySpace.  Annie’s idea for a future program: slides of long-term potter to see how their style has evolved

Clay Fest - booth selection Tuesday May 17, 7:30 at Georgies.  Clay Fest bookmarks are available at Georgies.

Empty Bowls - Food for Lane County gave us a plaque in appreciation for our donation of many bowls for the sale and auction.  Georgies received a plaque as well.  This year’s sale will be on Friday May 20 at Clay 

Space.  Starts at 4:30.

Webmaster – has several projects coming up to put on website.


Old Business

The Local Clay Board has revised the bylaws, corrected inaccuracies, and added new officers.  There was some discussion regarding membership deadlines and the directory, which will be sent out after the ClayFest booth selection meeting so that it will be more complete.  The bylaws hadn’t been addressed since 2005 and are now up to date.


New Business




Rhoda wants help with making two part molds.  Kris Anderson will help her.

Guatemala stove team needs someone to offer a kiln to fire tiles made with clay and organic matter. Slow Fire to ^010.  Beware – can cause heavy smoke so must be an outdoor kiln.  A gas kiln with chimney would work well.  Contact Annie.

Next meeting:  Annual picnic at ClaySpace on August 28.  We’ll have pizza made in their oven and have a raku firing.  It’s always fun.

Ziggy moves to adjourn – Merry seconds.



Very informative and interesting conversation about Selling Techniques and Marketing.     Avi summed up the discussion by saying we’re Ambassadors of Clay, sharing the joy we feel when we make the work.

SarahLyn is doing an exceptional job scheduling free programs for us to share ideas for making and selling our pottery.  If you haven’t had a chance to come to a meeting, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Local Clay Treasurer's Report 


Balance brought forward 3/1/11 $ 3213.07



Lisa Orr 400.00

2011 memberships 210.00

Total Income: 610.00


Corporation Division annual report 50.00

P.O. Box rental 22.00

Clay in Education:

Chiachen Liu 250.00

Accountant 75.00

Total Expenses: 419.00

Net for period: 191.00

Balance forward for 5/9/11: 3404.07*

*(Does not reflect $105 in memberships received with Clay Fest applications.)