Local Clay Minutes - May 9, 2012

Attendance:  Dave Parry, Frank Gosar, Holly Graham, Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua, Avi Harriman, Sandy Segna, Sandy Houtman, Rhoda Fleischman, Merry Newcomer, Annie Heron, Anne Glancy, Judith Cross, Bryna Livingston, Ziggy Blum, Katie Swenson, Leslie Friedman

Compelling Question:  What Kind Of Clay Do You Use And Why (please excuse any misspelling of clay names.)

Ziggy.  Vashon clay from Seattle Pottery and Georgies Chocolate Brown, Trail Mix and Cinnamon, which is good for sculpting noses

Avi.  Coleman Porcelain is best for crystalline glaze, although throwing porcelain is like throwing with cream cheese

Annie Heron.  B-mix. Georgies Cinnamon and free clay.  Newcomb six for tiles

Rhoda.  Porcelain.  Southern Ice from Australia.  White Rose, Coleman.  River Dog for sculpture.

Merry.  Cherry Creek with grog for tiles.  White Salmon, Trillium Porcelain.  Trail Mix for slab work.  Loves porcelain again.

Dave.  G mix 6.

Anne.  Cone 6 oxidation.  B mix.  Has had problems with White Salmon.   Now Trail Mix and G Mix.

Holly. Uses clay left over from classes.

Sam. Dark Chocolate.  Throws with White Salmon and Trillium and uses Willamette Yellow for hand building.

Bryna.  Uses cone 6 Big White from Atlanta.  Now uses mostly earthenware.

Frank.  Pine Lake White from Seattle Pottery.  Canzen Porcelain for the eyes.  Some bad experiences, but Clay Art Appi great in soda kiln. Makes fine spots.

Sandy H.  Coleman porcelain is good for copper red glaze, easy to carve, and good for making porcelain paper clay.  Soledad 60 for raku.

Sandy S.   Uses Umpqua clay for wood fire.  Trail Mix in ^6 oxidation leaks with her glaze.  When holds for an hour, doesn’t leak as much.

Judith.  Cone six.  Trail Mix for slab work, G mix for throwing.  Uses Trillium porcelain.

Leslie. G mix for the feel of the wet clay, White Salmon sometimes, and speckled clays Gladstone from Seattle and Idaho Buff from Clay Art.

Katie.  ^6, Georgies porcelain, Silver Falls.  Combines porcelain with stoneware.  Trail Mix red.  Also madras.  Mix them together for grit.



Merry.  Treasurer’s report - Ending balance: $3865.30.  Scholarships – We received polite thank you letters from Lane and Umpqua community colleges. Have never received photos of the work completed by our scholarship recipients. Will find out if the scholarships are given to one person or to multiple people. Webmaster.  Not much going on right now.  Activity will pick up closer to Clay Fest.

Rhoda.   Ruthann Tudball workshop was well attended.  She showed new style.
Ginger Steele was full to capacity.  She talked softly and some people couldn’t hear and left.  Should we invest in a sound system to use for workshops and Clay Fest?  Workshop scheduled for January 2013 will feature K. Forrest Lynch Middleton, who does printing on clay.

 Avi.  Programs.  Sam provided projector and screen for tonight’s program.  The Local Clay Picnic is scheduled for August 19 at ClaySpace, 2nd and Polk.  The afternoon will feature Pizza, a raku firing, and a (nice) seconds pottery exchange.  Local Clay provides pizza dough and sauce.  Everyone brings potluck toppings and side dish.

New Business
Annie.  Judy Baum from the Eugene Library requested that ten potters donate tiles for their fundraiser.  They'll provide the stamp that can go on the bottom or top of the coaster/tile.  Each table will feature a different artist’s tiles along with your business cards.

Katie has a friend who has started Ophelia's place to benefit young girls.   Will send email soon requesting donations of pottery.

Katie will lead a one day porcelain colored-clay workshop on June 2 10-3 at the Corvallis Art Center.     $25.

Discussion for points.   Sam has started a Local Clay FaceBook page and would like to include a Local Clay blog and newsletter. Sam uses WordPress, a free blog host. He can also upload retro slide shows, including Rhoda’s slides from tonight’s program.  Frank moves that Sam sets up a Local Clay blog as well as a social media post.  Katie seconds.  Vote tonight to authorize Social Media Manager chair then an email vote for the board to give him a point.  The motion passes unanimously. Sam agrees to lead a workshop in November to teach setting up a blog.

Artist beware.  Sandy Houtman was scammed by an art site.  If you get a check for significantly more than the price of the piece, and the customer expects a refund for the overage, it's a scam.  Do not cash their check and do not send them your work.

Clay Fest booth selection will be held at EWEB, 500 E. 4th Ave., on May 22 at 7:30 pm. Be sure to pick up Clay Fest bookmarks at the meeting.

Merry moved and Frank seconded to adjourn for Rhoda's retrospective.   Her slides will be posted on Sam’s blog.  Her commentary was fun and fascinating.  One of the most entertaining programs so far.  

Local Clay Treasurer's Report 5/9/12

Balance brought forward 2/7/12 4525.04


Clay Fest donation 2012 500.00

2012 memberships 585.00

R Tudball workshop 1175.00

G Steele workshop 410.00

Total income: 2670.00


Treasurer 5.99

Webhost 69.75

Paid bookkeeper 75.00

Kay Irish/Clay in Ed 50.00

Annual report 100.00

PO Box rental 29.00

Umpqua CC Foundation 500.00

Lane CC Foundation 500.00

R Tudball workshop 2000.00

Total expenses: (3329.74)

Loss for period: (659.74)

Ending cash 5/9/12 3865.30