Local Clay Minutes, March 11, 2010

In Attendance:  Frank Gosar, Paula Mance, Wayne Lambert, Merry Newcomer, Pat Brooks, Maryanne Smith, Avi Harriman, SarahLyn Brooks, Melinda King, Judith Cross, Anne Glancy, Leslie Friedman

Workshops – Rhoda has several workshops in the planning stage, but nothing to report right now.  She’s thinking about a day of mini workshops with 2-3 local people giving 2 hour demos.  The Local Clay membership should feel free to make recommendations for potters from elsewhere in the country to come here to lead a workshop.

Treasurer – Last year’s budget was $6,000 and we spent only $3,000.  Clay in Ed and Workshops came in under budget in 2009.  This year the Secretary’s budget was expand to include a Local Clay/ClayFest laptop.  Last year we didn’t owe taxes but will owe them this year.  Empty Bowls was budgeted extra money to cover the expense of firing and buying clay.

          President       20

          Secretary      400

          Treasurer      500

          Clay in Ed      1600

Workshops     2400

Taxes           200

Accountant     250

Scholarship    1000

Brochure       00

Empty Bowls  200

Webmaster    500

Total Budget   7070

Frank moved and Avi seconded that we accept the budget.  It passed unanimously.

Secretary – the January minutes were approved with one correction.  Avi’s name was not listed on the attendance list.  Frank moved and Avi seconded that we approve the minutes.

ClayFest – Barbara Haddad and Avi will meet with the Pipe and Drape rep to do a walkthrough and make sure that they understand everything that we need.

          The Local Clay laptop will be used for the Gallery during ClayFest.  It’s used to create the awards certificates, signage for Gallery items, and when a Gallery item is sold, it’s used to create a new sign.  Last year we bought a printer for the accounting area.  The Secretary will use the laptop throughout the year. 

We still need a Gallery Chair and a Webmaster.  Please send Avi names of potential Webmasters.  Avi is maintaining the site in the meantime. 

ClayFest will be held October 8-10 with setup on October 7.

Clay In Ed – Maryanne asked that people sign up to do Clay in Ed presentations.  The committed has a $1600 budget.  Projects can be done in schools or other educational environments like Senior Centers, At-Risk-Youth facilities, home school groups, girl and boy scouts, shelters or other small or large groups.  Clay in Ed pays $25/hour for the potter’s teaching time.  The facilities or other sources pay for the materials (clay, firing).  Have parents volunteer to help during the teaching event.

Empty Bowls – The Throwathon/Trimathon will be held March 26-27.  They use earthenware clay with engobes with clear glaze.  Firing will be done at ClaySpace and LCC.  The Empty Bowls Sale will be held in May at ClaySpace.

Programs – The May 12 meeting will be followed by a program about Found tools.  Everyone please bring a made, found, or repurposed tool.



Webmaster - We still need someone to replace time.  He paid $119.50 annual fees for our website.  Rhoda wants to put photos of past workshops on the website.  We can offer a potential Webmaster their choice of two possibilities: ClayFest points or a small cash stipend.  SarahLyn moved and Avi seconded that we authorize payment of a Webmaster.  Avi will compose an email to recruit a Gallery Chair and Webmaster.  The motion passed.

Programs – Rhoda had originally been responsible for both Workshops and Programs.  During the elections, she asked that we split the two into separate committees.  Merry moved and Judith seconded that the Program person be considered a chair and given a point. 

Points – Officers and Chairs are given one point/year for serving on the Local Clay Board or ClayFest Steering Committee.  Points are used to select ClayFest booths.  When you’re no longer an officer/chair, you lose 1 point/year.



The program following the meeting was a slide show and information from the Porcelain Workshop that SarahLyn and Avi attended in San Diego last month.  They shared beautiful photos and useful tips from Meira Matthieson, Elaine and Tom Coleman, and Mary Cusack.