Local Clay Minutes

March 10, 2011


Attendance:  Judith Cross, Pat Brooks, Merry Newcomer, Karen Washburn, Kris Anderson, Frank Gosar, Kay Irish, Anne Glancy, Annie Heron, Ziggy Blum, Katie Swenson, Leslie Friedman


Secretary’s report - Frank moves and Merry seconds that we accept the Minutes as corrected.

Treasurer’s report - Total Income: 1292.50, Total Expenses:  3168.55,
Balance forward for 3/1/11:  $ 3213.07Well within budget.

President’s report – We received thank you letters from LCC and Umpqua Community College for our scholarship donations.

Workshops – Tea and Frank gave workshops which were both standing room only.  Anne Glancy thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on workshops.  Annie attended the Lisa Orr workshop.  Lisa thinks outside the box and stimulated lots of thought. 

Clay in Ed – school budgets are being slashed.  Clay in Ed is a good way to help generate enthusiasm for the arts. Contact Maryanne Smith for details. coburghills@msn.com

Clay Fest – budget is $23,268, with a cushion of $2,000.  Frank can email a spreadsheet if anyone wants a detailed list.  Karen moved and Ziggy seconded approval of the budget.  Passed.

Demos – no report

Empty bowls – Food for Lane County’s Artist Appreciation Dinner May 6.  The Throwathon will be at Clay Space March 26 11-4:00, with trimming on March 27 noon to 3 or 4:00.  The Empty Bowls sale will be at Clay Space on May 20. 

Webmaster – Merry updates new members on the website.  Sam Rodriguez would like to post announcements on our Facebook page.

New Business

 The By-Laws need to be reviewed because the webmaster job description isn’t listed.  There are probably other outdated policies.  Merry, Ziggy and Annie will form a subcommittee.

Kay moves and Merry seconds that we adjourn.

Next meeting, May 11 at Georgies.

The Demo featured Frank Gosar’s painting techniques.  He even shared his overglaze recipes!  It was a delightful demo!

Local Clay Treasurer's Report 


Balance brought forward 1/12/11 $ 5089.12*


2011 Membership 1020.00

Workshops (Duong & Gosar) 272.50

Total Income: 1292.50


Treasurer, postage 8.80

Network Solutions, web hosting 59.75

Bookkeeper 50.00


Tea Duong 150.00

Frank Gosar 150.00

Lisa Orr 1250.00


Lane Community College 750.00

Umpqua Community College 750.00

Total Expenses: 3168.55


Net for period -1876.05

Balance forward for 3/1/11 $ 3213.07

*This is corrected from the previous Report.  The Year-End balance included an $8.80 postage charge that should have been in the Clay Fest Budget.