Local Clay minutes, March 8, 2012

Attendance:  Ziggy Blum, Merry Newcomer, Karen Washburn, Wayne Lambert, Tara Hanby, Holly Graham, Anne Glancy, Leslie Friedman

Discussion:  If you could change one intrinsic aspect of clay what would it be?  Shrinkage.  Cracking on the bottoms of pots as they dry.  Clay would dry faster in the Oregon winter. By changing an intrinsic quality of clay it would no longer be clay.  It should look better after bisquing than before it went into the kiln.  Air bubbles in clay.

Secretary's report:  Approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Balance 1929.30

Clay Fest: Applications come out on April 13.

Webmaster: Merry has posted pictures of workshops, and links from workshop leaders.  She requests that Local Clay chairs write updated descriptions of their areas to be posted on website.

Empty Bowls: The Throwathon will be March 24-25 at ClaySpace.

New Business:  Why don’t we use our Local Clay FaceBook Members Only page for discussions?  Sam Roderick created the page for us and may be willing to turn it into a FB group page.

Karen made a motion and Merry seconded that we adjourn.