Local Clay minutes. January 23, 2013 (Amended 1/28/13*)

Attendance: Pat Brooks, Ziggy Blum. Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Nolan Blansit, Merry Newcomer, Debbie Christensen, Annie Heron, Leslie Friedman

Minutes. Clay Fest wasn't listed as a Local Clay office in the November minutes. Frank moves that we approve the minutes as amended by Karen. Merry seconds.


President: Ziggy Blum

President –Elect: vacant

Secretary: Annie Heron

Treasurer: Merry Newcomer

Workshops: Leslie Friedman

Clay in Ed: Maryanne Smith

Programs: Avi Harriman

Clay Fest: Karen Washburn

Empty Bowls: Nolan Blansit

Webmaster: Merry Newcomer

Nolan moves and Frank seconds that we approve the slate as it's written.

Treasurer’s report. The balance in the account is $4062.89

Workshops. Rhoda’s final two-day workshop, held this weekend at LCC, features Forrest Lesch-Middleton surface design and form. Leslie plans to schedule a one day mold making workshop (multi-piece slip casting) in late February or early March. 

Clay in Ed: little activity since November. 

Clay Fest. Need publicity chair. (*Elaine Pruett is not interested in the position).

Empty Bowls. Nothing yet.

Webmaster. Mostly been doing Clay Fest info and keeping calendar up to date.

New Business

Annual Board/Budget meeting at Ziggy's, Feb 24 at 4:30

Local Clay meetings for 2013

March 14, 6:30 at Georgies

May 15, 6:30 at Georgies

August 18. Location TBA 2:00 pm

November 7, 6:30 at Georgies

Leslie moves to adjourn. Nolan seconds. Potluck begins. Yum!

Local Clay Treasurer’s Report 1/23/13

Balance brought forward 11/8/12: 4182.21


2013 memberships 780.00

Total income 780.00


Secretary postage   21.40

Picnic 133.17

LC bookkeeper 287.50

LC Accountant 275.00

LC State tax   75.00

Clay in Ed:E Pandolfi 100.00

Webmaster   90.25

Treasurer 17.00

Total expenses (999.32)

Loss for period (219.32)

Correction from 5/9 100.00

(CF expense charged

to LC)

Ending cash for 1/23/12 4062.89