January 12th Local Clay meeting 2011

Members in attendance: Katie Swenson, Pat Brooks, Frank Gosar, Merry Newcomer, Karen Washburn, Sam Roderick Yao, Rhoda Fleischman, Michael Fromme, Annie Heron, Judy Franzen, Sarahlyn Brooks, Avi Harriman, Maryanne Smith, Dan Smith, Chiachen Liu, Ziggy Blum

Annie Heron called the meeting to order. Frank Gosar moved that we approve the minutes from the November meeting and Michael Fromme seconded - all approved. 

Annie first reminded us that this meeting is the first of a new year and membership dues are $15/year. A membership form is attached and is also available on the Local Clay web site. Please renew by February 1 in order to be listed in the directory.  Remember to include your email address so you’ll continue to receive email announcements.

Committee Reports

Committee reports began with Frank giving us the Treasurer's report.

Balance brought forward for 11/4/10   $4856.04

$75. was added in 2011 membership and $221. was credited to Clay in Ed. giving a total of $296 as income

Under expenses we had $21.06 for the L.C. picnic and $25.57 - President adding up to $46.63 as total expenses

Balance forwarded for 1/12/11     $5105.41

End-of-year Balance for 2010      $5105.41

Net for 2010                               $169.27

Frank reminded us that after this meeting a potluck meeting would be scheduled for the 2011 Local Clay board to meet at his house to have the budget meeting.

Clay in Ed. Maryanne gave her report that nothing new is going on with Clay in Ed. She reminded us that there are Clay in Ed. forms available if anyone wants to request funds for a project.

Workshops Rhoda says that Lisa Orr will come to L.C.C. on February 26th and 27th. She will give the workshops from 10:00-4:00 on Saturday and 10:00-1:00 on Sunday. That is building 11 the ceramics dept. This will be affordable and informative. Lisa Orr does low fire electric and she forms things in a cool way. 

The first weekend in February, Saturday 5th will be an event with 4 different ceramic people offering mini workshops/demos. Frank Gosar will give a lesson on how to make brushes and Tea will show how to make something big on the wheel. There will be two other artists and each will show another specific technique.

NEXT YEAR - 2012 RUTHANNE TUDBALL will come here from Britain for a workshop!! She is quite well known and does soda fire and high fire. She has a web site if you are curious.

Sam says he is willing to make videos for us of events! This could be a really special thing.

Webmaster: Merry is hoping to get photos from Avi and Rhoda and then she’ll put the photos on our website. 

Clay Fest Avi first mentioned that there will be a Clay Fest meeting on Tuesday. He said that with a new chair to welcome in there will be that piece of news, but for now he didn't have news. He did say he has enjoyed being the Clay Fest chair and that people do their part and help to make it run smoothly. Since several of the positions are now "open" we will address that at the meeting.

Empty Bowls Josh was not able to be here, but the agreement is that the sale is usually in May. There will be another meeting before then and we hope he can inform us then.

Webmaster Merry said she would like some pages from each chair. She is learning more all the time and wants to update our site, but she needs updated info.

Meeting Schedule for 2011: March 10th Thursday, May 11th Wednesday, August 28th Sunday (potluck), November 10th Thursday

After introducing ourselves and telling our personal connection to Local Clay we listed the nominations for Local Clay 2011 board

Annie – President

Ziggy - Pres. Elect 

Leslie - Secretary

Frank - Treasurer

Karen - ClayFest

Rhoda - workshops

SarahLyn – Programs

Josh - Empty Bowls

Maryanne – Clay in Ed

Merry - Webmaster

SarahLyn moved that we nominate the whole slate as it stands and Rhoda seconded. All were in favor

Announcements: Eco Sleep Solutions has some of Annie's ceramics on display in their store currently. They are located on West 8th St by the Imagine gallery just east of Willamette.

O.A.A. (Oregon Art Alliance) is currently holding a sculpture show and Katie has five pieces in it. They are the largest pieces she has ever made and she hopes people will check it out. She also suggests looking into O.A.A. It is a nonprofit for artists and offers workshops frequently to enable artists to have more success. Check out their web site. They have a Face book page too.

Amazon Community Center has a ceramics studio and offers classes for a really good price. They have a $50. punch card for 5 visits of open studio and they have a slab roller and extruder and 11 wheels. Annie teaches there.

Merry mentioned the tile project in the bathroom at Georgie's. She and Bob and some other people (sorry I didn't catch the names) are making the tiles. Check it out when you come to Georgie's!

The biggest announcement is this: Clay Fest Meeting January 18th 6:30 at Georgie's If anyone is interested in replacing a chair who has been there for more than 2 years then they should come to the meeting to address their interest. Here are the positions open for Trainee or Chair, and the name of the current Chair:

Trainee only:
BUILDING -- Tea Duong
PIPE AND DRAPE --  Barb Haddad
SHOW SETUP --  Michael Baines

Trainee or Chair (if qualified to assume post without serving as Trainee first) :
BOOKKEEPER -- Robin Russell
DEMONSTRATIONS -- Rhoda Fleischman
GRAPHICS -- Frank Gosar
SECURITY/INFO -- Linda Williams
PUBLICITY -- Elaine Pruett
REGISTRAR -- Karen Washburn
SALES -- Faith Rahill
SPONSORSHIP -- Alissa Clark
VISA -- Michael Fromme
WORKSHIFTS -- Tracie Manso
POSTERING -- Katie Swenson

Anyone interested in any of these positions should come to the Clay Fest Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 18, or they could also contact Karen Washburn (541-344-4686, karen.washburn@gmail.com)  or contact the current Chair.  A major incentive for taking over one of these positions is that each Chair gets a ClayFest point and is guaranteed a booth in the show.

Frank moved to adjourn and eat. Michael seconded and all agreed. Potluck commenced.