Local Clay Minutes, November 13, 2008

Present: Maryanne Smith, Rhoda Fleischman, Wayne Lambert, Katie Swenson, Celine Swenson-Harris, Michael Fromme, Avi Harriman, Josh Allen, Melinda King, Leslie Friedman

Michael Fromme brought the meeting to order.

The May Minutes were approved with a motion by Avi. Rhoda seconded.

Treasurer's Report:

Note: No business meeting was held at the picnic
Balance brought forward 5/14/08 $ 5,816.31
Total Income: 1040.00
Total Expenses 829.88
Net for period 210.12
Balance forward for 11/13/08 $ 6,026.43

Total Income: 319.00
Total Expenses 1,301.21
Net for period - 982.21
Balance forward for 11/13/08 $ 5,044.22

Empty Bowls:

No Report. Josh volunteered to chair the committee next year. Melinda volunteered to work on the committee.

Clay in Ed:

Celine reported that Katie taught a class at Clay Space last month. There is currently $108 left in the 2008 budget for Clay in Ed. Catherine Walworth won the Clay in Ed raffle at Clay Fest. Maryanne volunteered to chair this committee in 2009.


Rhoda described the Local Clay-sponsored 2-day workshop by Lisa Orr this weekend at LCC, Building 11. Lisa has developed a very compelling method of finishing her pottery with stamps, slips, sprigs and multihued glazes. November 15-16, 10am-4pm.

Brad Mildrexler will lead a one-day workshop at LCC on January 31. The fee for Local Clay members will be approximately $30. More info to be announced.

Rhoda is in the process of scheduling a website building workshop in 2009. More info will be forthcoming.

Clay Fest:

Avi has volunteered to be Clay Fest Chair for 2009. Thank you, Avi, for taking on this massive job! You'll be great!

Frank sent a message that he expects the 2008 show will be slightly in the black when all the expenses are paid. So far, the income from 2008 Clay Fest is $17,312.34, with three invoices not yet received.

Is the Clay in Ed Chair expected to stay at Clay Fest for the duration of the show? The Local Clay chair has a presence at Clay Fest and is given an opportunity to earn additional money for its budget. It's not a drop dead function of Clay Fest. The discussion will be continued at the January Clay Fest meeting.

The Fairgrounds have been booked for next year's Clay Fest on October 9-11, 2009


no report

Old Business:

The Local Clay picnic was the best picnic so far. The raku firing was so successful, we may make it an annual event! We had a Smash-a-thon, and a pottery exchange, as well as unforgettably delicious grilled lamb-kabobs and grilled salmon. We had so much fun - no one wanted to leave!

New Business:

The offices still open for the January election are President and President-Elect. These are two important seats, so please consider making a difference by taking on these jobs. Even though there are currently volunteers for the other slots, other candidates are welcome to run.

The dates for next year's Local Clay meetings (6:30 pm at Georgies) are as follows:

Clay Space will have a three-day Holiday Sale December 12-14 at its site at 2nd and Polk. The booth fee will be $60 + 20%. Clay Space will use the set-up fee to promote the show and provide refreshments. There is no breakage liability. This is an opportunity for people to get their wares out there and sell work. There's space for 30 people. Booths will be placed in the entire building. The show will be set up in conjunction with the Blair Street Studio, with an illuminated path between the two buildings. Volunteers are needed to help with the centralized sales area.

Clay Space now offers a free Tuesday lunch lecture/discussion at 12:15 every week. Bring your lunch and join the fun. Local Clay member Mary Hindman gave a talk on her life and design elements. Those who have attended the first few lectures say that they were fun, entertaining and informative. Everyone is welcome.

For more information about Clay Space events, call Josh or Jim at 541-653-8089 Melinda moved that we adjourn. Avi seconded.

Demo - Soda Firing:

Rhoda brought samples of her gorgeous soda fired pieces with bright flashes of color. She went into great detail describing her method of soda firing porcelain at cone 12. Thank you, Rhoda, for the fascinating look at soda firing, and for scheduling so many workshops and demos. We really appreciate the outstanding job you're doing.