Local Clay Minutes, May 14, 2008

In Attendance: Michael Fromme, Ingrid Hanson, Frank Gosar, Tim Sheehan, Elaine Pruett, Ziggy Blum, Rhoda Fleischman, Katie Swenson, Celine Swenson Harris, Dave Winget, Paula (MacCullen) Mance, Leslie Friedman

Michael Fromme called the meeting to order.

Committee Reports

Secretary’s Report

Frank moved that we approve the minutes. Tim seconded.

Treasurer’s Report

Frank reported that the income for the period was $800.00. The expenses were $462.70 (Clay in Ed., secretary) Balance: $6,616.31

Empty Bowls

Terry Kirby is stepping down from her job with Food For Lane County and is moving to Birth to 3. Her position will be replaced. The pots from the Throwathon are currently being glazed at LCC. The Empty Bowls sale will be held at ClaySpace the first Friday of June. The Empty Bowls Auction will be held later in the year.

Clay in Ed

Celine announced that Don Clarke provided wheel throwing instruction at North High School, as well as an additional Demo to a class. Susie Young taught classes for grades 3, 5, and 5 at Clear Lake School with very good results. Elaine Pruett participated and said that the school is still talking about it! It was very successful.

Clay Fest

The Friday Night Gala is progressing well. Ali Clark and Susan Roden are meeting with the caterer.

Paula emphasized that this will be her last year as Clay Fest Chair. A volunteer will need to replace her by October.

For people holding points, Booth Selection will follow the Clay Fest meeting at Georgies on Thursday, May 22. Booth Selection is scheduled to begin at 7:30


The current website is difficult to navigate between Local Clay and Clay Fest. Tim has done a redesign of the original content with fewer photos and lighter colors. He chose the background colors of white and tan to reflect the common stoneware colors. The home page describes the relationship between Local Clay and Clay Fest. Each organization has separate menus. Local Clay has a Member’s Gallery. To have your work included, please send an email to Tim at tim_sheehan@comcast.net with a photo, your website link, and your email address. Tim requested that the chairs of Empty Bowls and Clay in Ed contact him with more current photos that they’d like to see on the page.

To see the new website in its current state, visit http://www.clayfest.org/NewSite. Send website suggestions directly to Tim. If you have content related suggestions, please contact the chairperson in charge of that committee. Tim will edit the info but will not write the copy.

The new website will be phased in around June 1. Access to both sites will continue until the new website is fully operational, probably sometime in late Summer. Plans for the new website will include a Clay Fest slide show as well as info regarding future workshops and demos for Local Clay.

Frank moved that we record the sense of the meeting that we approve the new website and appreciate Tim’s effort. Elaine and Rhoda both seconded.


Lisa Orr from Texas will present a workshop at LCC on November 8-9, 2008. The price has not yet been set. Lisa is known for loose-form handbuilding with exciting surface decoration, trailed slip, and fun glazes.

No date has been set for a workshop with Brad Mill Drexler from Portland. Brad does large sculptural wall plaques with glass, rocks, and dripped glaze. It will be a single-day workshop (probably on a Sunday) and will possibly be a joint effort with Clay Space or Club Mud. Details to follow.


Rhoda will host this year’s picnic at her studio in Brownsville on Sunday, August 24. We’ll have a pottery exchange and a Smash for those who wish to participate. People are still talking about the picnic at Rhoda’s three years ago. This one should be equally great! The pottery exchange at last year’s picnic was a big hit, as well. Start thinking about a quality second to bring to the exchange and a non-quality piece to bring to the Smash.

Old Business

When Local Clay/Clay Fest opened the PO Box many years ago, we were given three keys. We can currently account for two keys. If anyone has the third PO Box key, or has any idea who may have it, please contact Michael Fromme michaelfromme@msn.com or Leslie Friedman lesliebo@comcast.net. Thanks so much.

New Business

DIVA has invited Local Clay and Clay Fest to place dates of our meetings and functions on their calendar.

Art QuARTerly has devoted the Fall issue to pottery in support of Clay Fest over the past few years. Please consider buying individual or group advertising for that issue.

Full page ads cost $150. Smaller ads are available at ½, ¼ and 1/8 page sizes. The deadline for this year’s issue is ASAP. It’s a 40 page magazine with a distribution of 7,000 copies.


Dave Winget delighted us with his technique of throwing bottles with a stick. Before he began to twist the clay with a stick in the middle, he warned us to “Have no Fear – it Will get Wild!” We had fun watching him create his original and very playful pieces. Thanks Dave! And thanks Rhoda for lining up such wonderful demonstrations this year!