Local Clay Minutes, March 20, 2008

Present: Michael Fromme, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Susie Young, Avi Harriman, Rhoda Fleischman, Paula MacCullen, Leslie Friedman, Wayne Lambert, Melinda King, Tim Sheehan, Jeani Holder

Leslie moved that we approve the January minutes. Rhoda seconded. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report: Frank Gosar has volunteered to be our new treasure. Yahoo! Balance as of 3/18/08 is $6,253.92.

Empty Bowls: Tom Rohr sent word that the Throw-A-Thon will be held on April 12 and 13 at Clay Space, 222 Polk Ave (Second and Polk). Additional bowl donations for the Empty Bowl Sale can be taken to Georgies or Food For Lane County offices on Bailey Hill Rd. The sale is scheduled for June 6.

Workshops: Rhoda Fleischman announced the tentative Summer and Fall workshops. Lisa Orr does unstructured, textured handbuilding. Some people may remember her as a presenter at Clay Cruise. Susannah Israel does large sculptural figurative work.

Clay in Ed: Celine Swenson Harris sent word that a $50 check was given to Don Clarke for Clay in Ed project.

Clay Fest: Paula MacCullen reported that Frank Gosar is the new Treasurer. (Yahoo, again!). Clay Fest still needs a Steering Committee Chair trainee and a Secretary trainee. The Friday Night Gala Opening to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Clay Fest is definitely on. Details are still in the planning stage. The gala will include food (served on pottery) entertainment, and local politicians. Move-in and set up will be on Thursday, October 9. The show will be held October 10-12. Clay Fest applications will be online soon. All members and previous participants will be notified. The deadline to return applications is May 8, 2008. Paula moved that Local Clay accept the Clay Fest budget of $22,675. Frank seconded. The budget passed.

Website: Tim Sheehan is in the process of redesigning the website to make it more user-friendly. He asked that we notify him of changes we'd like to see. You can reach Tim at tim_sheehan@comcast.net. The website was originally created as a publicity tool for Clay Fest and became a repository for Local Clay. In his redesign, Tim will make a clear distinction between the Clay Fest and Local Clay sides. All Local Clay members, regardless of their association with Clay Fest can have links to their own websites. Please note: as changes are made, the existing links will be broken. Members will need to re-link their websites. This will happen over time.

Old Business: the proper spelling of Clay Fest is two words. Clayfest and ClayFest are both incorrect.

New Business: Last year a decision was made for Clay Fest eligibility to be based on Local Clay membership paid before January 31, to avoid a $30 penalty. After a year, Clay Fest requested Local Clay to reconsider the requirement. Frank moved that we repeal the requirement that Clay Fest participation be dependent on membership by January 31, and that all subsidiary requirements like late fees be eliminated. Clay Fest participants will still be required to join Local Clay and still may submit their Local Clay membership with the Clay Fest application. Rhoda seconded. The motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned and we had a Zapplications demonstration by Jeani Holder. The procedure to enter shows has been greatly simplified by this new online method, which is now used by most art shows throughout the US.