Local Clay Minutes, 2008 Budget Meeting

February 8, 2008

Present: Michael Fromme, Susan Fishel, Paula MacCullen, Rhoda Fleischman, Celine Swenson-Harris, Kay Irish, Leslie Friedman

  2007 Budget 2008 Budget
President $75 $20
Secretary 300 300
Treasurer 25 800
Clay in Ed. 1600 1600
Workshops 2000 2000
Taxes 200 200
Accountant 150 150
Scholarship 1000 1000
Brochure 50 50
Totals 5300 6200

We carried over $2100 from 2007. With the addition of dues, we are beginning the year with $6,347.29 (which more than covers the 2008 budget).

The time/cost breakdown for Bookkeeping and Treasurer duties equal approximately $400 from ClayFest and $400 from Local Clay. Susan said that this estimate may be high. The Treasurer job is still open. Susan with train her replacement.

Rhoda moved that we accept the budget. Paula seconded.

We need to find someone to head the Scholarship Committee.

Kay suggested that we each write up a job description for our office.

The meeting adjourned and we enjoyed the potluck.