Local Clay Minutes, January 24, 2008

In Attendance: Michael Fromme, Kay Irish, Rhoda Fleischman, Frank Gosar, Paula MacCullen, John Suse, Tracie Manso, Susan Fishel, Leslie Friedman, Avi Harriman, Claire Delffs, Sandra Crowley, Katie Swenson, Celine Swenson-Harris, Judy Allison, Holly Dubrasich

New President Michael Fromme called the meeting to order.

Committee Reports


Paula MacCullen invited all ClayFest non-participants to make a commitment to sign up for a booth for the 10th ClayFest. It will be a splashy event that we'll all want to commemorate! In order to qualify for ClayFest, Local Clay dues must be paid by January 31. A small subcommittee is currently investigating putting on a Gala Opening for the Friday night before ClayFest. The subcommittee welcomes all ideas from Local Clay members. Knowing that a Friday opening will involve setting up on Thursday, increased work load, and added expense for booth fees, everyone present enthusiastically supported the Gala! Paula said that ClayFest will end at 4:00 pm on Sunday, which will ease the work schedule. The ClayFest Board is working on sponsorship for the Gala. The Gala is scheduled for October 10 with ClayFest running October 11 and 12.

Other ClayFest news:

Local Clay Elections

Discussion regarding a 13 year old Clay In Ed Officer included setting up a job description and guidelines. Michael will handle any unforeseen problems with Clay In Ed applicants.

Rhoda has ideas for workshop and demonstration subjects and requested additional workshop recommendations.

Frank Gosar moved that we accept the slate. Rhoda seconded.


Friday February 8 Budget Meeting 6:30 at Georgies
Thursday March 20 6:30 at Georgies
Wednesday May 14 6:30 at Georgies
Sunday August 24 picnic at Rhoda's house in Brownsville
Thursday November 13 6:30 at Georgies


Susan Fishel has resigned as Treasurer. She has offered to continue in the function as a paid consultant until someone volunteers for the position. After discussion, it was agreed that Susan will continue as a paid Bookkeeper for Local Clay and ClayFest, keeping the books and records. The elected Treasurer writes checks, makes deposits, visits the CPA, and informs the Bookkeeper. Frank moved that we recommend payment of $20/hour to Susan Fishel to be our Bookkeeper while we find a volunteer Treasurer. In the meantime, we continue to pay her for Treasurer duties as well. Judy Allison seconded.

Susan will be paid for her service and will not receive ClayFest points. She will retain her current points and not accrue additional points. By the Local Clay Budget Meeting, Susan will determine a breakdown of hours for each function.

Frank moved that the ClayFest Chair be a signatory for the checking account. Rhoda seconded.

John Shue was the new member attending the meeting. His specialty is wheel thrown and altered high fire and wood fired pottery. He is also the new employee at Georgies.

Frank moved that we adjourn the meeting. Rhoda seconded. The potluck/party was great fun!