Minutes from the November 17th Local Clay Members Meeting

In attendance : Michael Fromme, Don Prey, Jeff Drullard, Rosemarie Atencio, Paula MacCullen, Mike Morrison, Lindsey Smith, Susan Fishel, Merry Newcomer, Linna Muschlitz, Rhoda Fleishman, Don Clarke (and others that did not sign the page)

Michael opened the meeting by greeting some new faces in the (small) crowd and welcoming everyone to the last meeting for 2004. We moved immediately into Committee Reports as follows :

Treasurer : Susan gave an overview complete with handouts which I will attempt to summarized as the fact that Local Clay has $4949 in the bank at this time (anyone wishing a copy of the actual financial report can obtain one from Susan Fishel).

There were some questions regarding the funds available for Clay In Education which Susan deferred (as she has just taken over the books from Barbara Ward) until she had had time to sort out the numbers.

Susan gave a brief overview of the ClayFest financials (kept separate from the Local Clay funds) noting that all the expenses are not accounted for (HINT : if you are a Committee Chair with outstanding receipts please turn them in as soon as possible so we can close the books on the show). At this time it looks like the show will most probably loose money this year. Despite higher sales, we did not meet our Sponsorship goals and appear to have overspent our projected budget. Susan and Don (ClayFest Chairperson 2004) will review the budget against the actuals in preparation for the January 25th ClayFest·2005 meeting where the budgeting process will begin again. It appears that there may have to be an increase in fees and/or commissions to ensure that the show maintains its viability.

Rhoda brought up the ClayFest funding of Local Clay just to remind everyone that this is one of the underlying reasons why Local Clay has the annual show. Don assured Rhoda that every year during the ClayFest budgeting process the Steering Committee (which Rhoda is a member of this year) allocates an amount back to Local Clay. It was noted that the amount for 2005 may be substantially less that the $750 in 2004 if in fact this year's show did loose money.

ClayFest 2004 : Don gave a brief overview of the show noting that sales were up approximately 6% (to $65,869) while attendance was down approximately 23% (to 3049). All the information on the show is available on our member's webpage at http://members.efn.org/~clayfest/Forms/clayfest2004.htm if you are interested in the minutia of Don's graphs.

Don went on to reiterate that ClayFest is a volunteer-run show and that this year we have a large number of openings. Below is a listing of the Trainee openings for the 2005 show. Each has a brief description and the contact information for the current Chair so that you can learn more about the particular position's responsibilities.

Chairperson - overall coordinator of the annual show/sale as part of the Steering Committee
Don Clarke 683.6330 ddclarke@efn.org
Registrar - handles application/acceptance process (database) and Move-In info packet (*)
Don Clarke 683.6330 ddclarke@efn.org
Poster-Graphics - designs/creates graphics for the poster, postcards, print advertisements (*)
Frank Gosar 607-2708 frank@offcenter.biz
Mailing-Postering - manages mailing list (database) and distribution of postcards and posters (*)
Cynthia Spencer 753-4606 cjspencer@cmug.com
Publicity - coordinates all publicity (print ads, radio, press releases, etc)
Dan Schmitt 607-3055 dan@danschmitt.com
Building - prepares building show (booth layout, interface with electrician and fire marshal, etc)
Mary Hindman 484-5930 hindman@efn.org
Cash - prepares sales tills, manages cash/checks from sales to backroom
Dan Minard 302-2873 danminard@earthlink.net
WorkShift - assigns participants workshift/committee jobs to meet labor needs for the show
Linda Williams 344-0647 lunamoth@efn.org
Gallery - accepts/manages all items in the Gallery, sets-up the Gallery display, coordinates awards
Paula MacCullen 767-9961 hopeclay@epud.net
Secretary - takes minutes at all meetings, maintains electronic job descriptions and policies (*)
Merry Newcomer 485-6696 claycat@efn.org
Sponsorship - develop and manage relationships which lead to sponsorship funding (*)
Mary Briggs 338-8794 Mbriggspottery@aol.com
Signage - responsible for all signs used in support of the show (street banners, booth signs, etc) (*)
Michael Fromme 933-2678 michaelfromme@msn.com

Some positions (*) require use of a computer for such things as word-processing, database, or graphics and you should discuss this with the current Chair.

Complete descriptions of all openings can be found online at : http://members.efn.org/~clayfest/chairs.htm

Workshops : Rhoda gave an update on the member survey that was recently conducted to determine interest in some proposed workshops. The tally came in as follows : Claudio (8), Ewing (6), Pitt (14), and Champy (19). Based on this input Rhoda will pursue getting Lillian Pitt and Claude Champy as the two main workshops for 2005. There was some discussion about how/why Local Clay would pay to bring Claude Champy from France for a workshop. Rhoda explained that she would be working with other local organizations (OPA, Oregon Crafted, etc) to share the costs, and noted that in January the Board will meet to review and approve budgets (including the workshops).

Rhoda explained that she already has the first workshop in-the-works. This will be in January and will involve a review of how our slides are juried for shows. Her plan is to have members submit slides of their work and get one or more jurors to walk us through a critique of them from the perspective of how they would be reviewed for acceptance. The plan is to get a meeting space that can accommodate the members and have appropriate AV equipment to replicate how a jury would see our slides. The date for this workshop are not yet finalized.
Rhoda called for input on the dates for the other two spring workshops and, after some arm-pulling (people were not providing a lot of input on specific dates), we settled on :

There was a comment about a visiting Australian potter (Owen Rye) and whether or not we were involved. It appeared no one had heard of the artist's workshop which we learned was being held through Mount Hood College and/or OPA.

Empty Bowls : Mary Briggs explained that the committee had not met to discuss the 2005 fundraiser, but that the tendency was towards a similar date as last year as the consensus was that the better weather was a plus. Mary will keep us informed as the 2005 sale develops. A short blurb on Empty Bowls can be found on our webpage at http://www.clayfest.org/empty.htm

Clay In Education : Mary (thanks for taking on two jobs) Briggs gave a brief overview of the program for the new people in the group and offered more detailed information if anyone wanted. At this time it appears we have about $300(ish) dollars left for 2004 (Susan is still working through the numbers from the past Treasurer).

Membership : Don reminded the group that Local Clay membership dues for 2005 are required to be paid by January 1st. He indicated that he had sent everyone with email a form and mentioned that the form is available to everyone online at http://members.efn.org/~clayfest/localnotes.htm along with other Local Clay information. Current members without email will receive a form with their copy of these meeting minutes. Don reminded people that the annual directory goes out first of April and only members who are paid at that time will be listed and only those members will continue to receive email updates.

Meeting Schedule for 2005 : The group discussed and agreed upon the dates for Local Clay meetings for 2005, specifically :

Announcements : Rhoda mentioned that she is continuing to clean out her studio and had brought packing materials, cones, etc and would appreciate it if members would take them home to their own studios.

Mary Briggs passed out cards and invited everyone to her December 4th Studio Sale (1170 West Broadway, Eugene, OR). She commented that visiting other members annual sales is a great way to see what the group's work is like.

Michael Fromme showed the OPA members Studio Sales brochure and said she thought it may be a great thing for Local Clay members to consider. Rhoda mentioned that she had done it in the past and that it was a great way to generate traffic for those artists participating. Basically the brochure provides a map and details on all the studio sales in the area during the holiday season. It was mentioned that the cost was about $25 for each participating artist (which covered set-up and 100 flyers). Rhoda commented that doing this would require an individual with good organizational and computer skills handling the project to ensure it was well done no one volunteered.

Michael Fromme brought out the last remaining Local Clay T-shirts which she had. It was proposed that the price to members be reduced to $6 (which passed unanimously) and quite a few of the shirts were sold. A few do remain and you can contact Michael if you'd like one (medium and large only).

Last Minute : While I didn't specifically mention this at the meeting, I'm going to take this space to say something about the January elections. After two years as Secretary and four years on the ClayFest Steering Committee (with two jobs this year), I'd like to reduce some of the load. The Local Clay Secretary position will be open to the membership during the January elections and I'd really like someone to consider taking on this responsibility. I've taken the liberty (one of the benefits of being Secretary) of posting a copy of the job description here (SECRETARY) in hopes someone will be interested in taking over.

At the end of the meeting Rhoda gave an overview of the Ruthanne Tudball workshop (complete with pictures courtesy of Don Prey). More information is available on our webpage at