Local Clay Members Meeting - November 8th 2006

In Attendance : Mike Morrison, Frank Gosar, Kay Irish, Susan Fishel, Jaime Rivera, Kathy Lee, Paula Mac Cullen, Avi Harriman, Aubrey Ganz, Don Prey, Deborah Duke, Rhoda Fleishman, Ziggy Blum, Mereth DunnEstey, Leslie Friedman, Melinda King, Merry Newcomer, Michael Fromme, Linna Muschlitz, Mary Briggs, Wayne Lambert, and Katie Swenson as recording secretary.

Opening Question : Frank opened the meeting with his own tip for Home Holiday sales -

Always have shortbread baking in the oven, so that the home has a welcome aroma.

We went around the room and people contributed their best advice learned over years of having studio sales; mulled cider is a nice fragrance to fill a room and a hospitable offering for your visitors, it is nice to have a basket of free offerings for kids and sometimes a spontaneous gift of an item at no cost is a way to make yourself feel special, as well as delighting the recipient, they will not forget your kindness. Ornaments are a great sales item this time of year as well as small items and under $20.00 gifts. The colors of copper reds and celadon were suggested as appropriate and nudes on forms seem (from experience) to be a poor choice for Holiday sales…but maybe that is a choice of venue. Don’t offer high-end work at a Holiday Gift Bizarre and "know your market!" Success can be had if you hold a studio sale with a few friends and making a wider offering gives your audience more to look at. You can take work with you when you go out and sales might arise from the exposure. In regard to involving friends in your life this time of year - it was mentioned that we don’t really have to consider the holidays only for sales opportunity. Be sure to enjoy some time with friends, and see the lights. Lights are a feature that is really appreciated in winter and that can be as candleholders or lanterns to sell, but also little lights and twinkle lights…brightness in the dark. Speaking of that - My favorite remark was when Leslie said that "Christmas" came yesterday when we got the election results!! Now that is a new idea whose time has come. Also be open to new venues - sometimes a friend might refer you to someone and if you try a different way of approaching your sales it could be lucrative. The last Holiday/studio sale suggestion or tip is a little late in coming and that is to PLAN AHEAD! Susan Fishel says she starts in September.

Minutes from the September 14th meeting were approved as written.

Treasurers Report : Susan Fishel gave an updated report and our total income this period is : $1473.00

  • $1000.00 ClayFest 05 donation
  • $105.00 Membership 06
  • $368.00 Clay in Ed.

Expenses this period were; Clay in Ed. $650.00

Year to Date we have $4,691.62

This money has Susan thinking it is time we considered investing some of our savings in a higher yield investment. We have $22,000.00 (built up over the years). Rhoda made a motion that we have Susan research what banks offer and try to find the "best arrangement for investment and get back to us". Melinda seconded the motion and all were in favor.

ClayFest Report : Paula reported that sales were good - just shy of last year. There are several trainee positions available for ClayFest. For a listing of all openings you can click this link = OPENINGS

  • Demo. Rhoda can train someone for this job
  • Kids Clay Elise can train someone for this job.
  • Signage Michael can train someone for this job.
  • Webmaster Don can train someone for this job.
  • Dan Schmitt will coach the new chair for Publicity This is a chair, not training.

The next steering committee meeting for ClayFest is January 23rd at the EWEB building

All meetings will be there this year.

January 23rd, February 15th, March 22nd, May 16th, September 25th,

October post show meeting still to be set.

Empty Bowls Report : Frank reported for Joshwaa that the auction was a huge success. $279,000. Was raised by the Empty Bowls events! They will meet in the New Year to plan for the 2007 Empty Bowls.

Clay in Ed. Report : Linna reported that she was thankful for the donated pots to Clay in Ed. Shirley took a picture of her with the Clay in Ed. Display at ClayFest and that clarified for Linna that the exhibit needs some improvement. Better lighting, shelving and signage all could help the display. She suggested it could be in the round…Frank mentioned the fire marshal needs to approve the layout of ClayFest. Apparently this issue needs to be resolved by the ClayFest committee.

Workshop Report : Mary spoke for Mike saying that money for the Suze Lindsay workshop could be collected this night or at the workshop on Friday. The workshop is Friday 10 :00 - 5 :00 at L.C.C. in building 11 and again on Saturday 10 :00-3 :00.Cost is $30.00 There is space for all who want to attend.

Business : Officer nominations … Anyone interested in running can contact Frank before January. Final nominations and officer election will happen at the January meeting.

We need to have two positions filled, and one needs a trainee. Susan Fishel would like to train someone to take her position as Treasurer. She said that once the new trainee is familiar with this work they would have a job skill that can provide them with a secure job - that’s a bonus! Treasurer does the estimated taxes and 1099’s for both Local Clay and ClayFest. You will need to be familiar with computer bookkeeping (QuickBooks) and will be responsible for getting checks sent out.

President Elect : Kay is going to become the President and that will leave the position of Pres. Elect open. This is a job of keeping track of membership and preparing to be President.

Secretary : Katie learned computer skills and assures all of you that it is not a problem if you don’t have these skills when you take the job. Secretary attends every meeting and takes minutes and also keeps a membership list, makes a directory and notifies the membership of meetings and other news.

Schedule of Local Clay Meetings For Next Year

January 10th Potluck Wednesday, March 15th Thursday, May 23rd Wednesday,
August 26
th Pic Nic middle of the day, November 8th Thursday

Announcements : Tomorrow Tools of the Trade show at the Uof O Bookstore Demos, some cool tools and 20% off many items (brushes). 10:00 - 6 :00

Mary Briggs handed out slides that were taken by Jon Meyers at ClayFest

ClayFest Eligibility : Susan announced that it was put before ClayFest that eligibility to ClayFest should be somehow related to work contributed by officers. O.P.A. does something similar giving points to people on the board. Paula said that in 2000 there was a meeting wherein the current system was developed. It was mentioned that our Webmaster - Don Clarke could email that to me and I could send it to the membership (included in these minutes below). Then Avi moved that Local Clay recommend that it should be made a policy that Local Clay officers/chairs would get priority points for ClayFest. Frank notes that ClayFest has appointed a committee to discuss this, and Local Clay should avoid making a decision until they've received their recommendation and analysis. Don, Sue and Paula are going to be discussing how this priority issue may be addressed. Paula mentioned that the "priority points" is the sticking issue, as they may change the whole notion of "points". Perhaps we should just say "priority." Frank reminded us that we should be careful to word the motion as a recommendation. Avi accepted both ideas as friendly amendments : proposing that we vote a "sense of the members" to recommend that Local Clay officers/committee chair recieve some kind of priority for ClayFest. Mereth seconded the motion and all were in favor excepting Mike Morrison who was in opposition.

Scholarship idea : We talked about using some Local Clay funds to provide money to assist someone in furthering their education in ceramics. Even $200-$300 could be a life changing opportunity for a high school student. The idea of paying for attendance to workshops or other contributions that may not be grand sums, but could encourage a younger person to consider expression through clay. It was mentioned that our membership is mostly 30+ years of age and that by introducing a younger generation to ceramics we have some renewal. It was also noted that we could help current members to achieve dreams of attending workshops or meeting other unattainable events. Maybe if we budgeted a specific amount for annual contribution… Avi, Frank, Mereth, Linna, Mike and Deborah will be the committee that reviews this idea.

After a minute break we saw a slide presentation of Suze Lindsay’s work.

Proposal, second and vote to adjourn

Additions to the minutes

Faith says, the position of Sales at ClayFest needs a trainee.

Linna has a new form for Clay in Education Proposals and it is available on line (DOWNLOAD)

Suze Lindsay gave a really exceptional workshop and there was a Holiday sale tip … have a Karaoke machine and let customers perform the song of their choice for a 10% discount!

Lynn Peterson says she hosts a garage art and junque sale with all sorts of things including pieces of clay for mosaic.

Rhoda is having a holiday sale. Her card is on the window at Georgies; Studio Sale 2 locations! Eugene - thanksgiving weekend 27 Marlboro Friday Nov. 24th 4 - 8 PM Sat. Nov. 25th 10 - 4 PM and in Brownsville 25672 Gap Rd. Friday Dec. 1st 4 - 8 PM Sat. Dec. 2nd 10 - 4 PM and Sun. Dec. 3rd 12 - 4 PM

Exact wording of ClayFest Points Committee Meeting January 23, 2002

Local Clay Members in attendance : Don Clarke, Faith Rahill, Judy Alison, Dan Schmitt, Chris Obert

The purpose of any "points" system must be to incent and reward people for getting involved in running the show (ie : becoming Committee Chairs and/or Trainees).

Thoughts on the topic

  • A point system should not reward people for work done in Local Clay or OPA
  • A point system should not reward people for simply participating in the show
  • A point system should be simple to understand and implement
  • A point system should not reward people indefinitely
  • A point system should not deter people who want to be a part of running the show
  • A point system should assist in deciding who gets into the show
  • A point system should assist in deciding who gets which space
  • A point system should not cause the show to look stale by having a closed group of participants
  • A point system should encourage new participants and give easy access to Committee positions
  • A point system could assist in determining who gets Chair and Trainee positions

The committee's recommendation :

The committee recommends implementing a simple "points" system as follows :

01. Committee Chairs earn one (1) point for each year that they serve up to a maximum of three (3) points

02. Former Committee Chairs loose one (1) point each year after they are no longer a Chair

03. All Committee Chairs (current and former) with "points" who properly submit an application (*) are guaranteed a booth space

04. Committee Chair’s booth selection is done in descending order of the number of points :

  • Chairs with three (3) points have their names drawn at random and get to select their booth space
  • Chairs with two (2) points have their names drawn at random and get to select their booth space
  • Chairs with one (1) point have their names drawn at random and get to select their booth space
  • Former Committee Chairs with zero (0) points are handled with all the other applicants

05. All other show applications are sorted in descending order of the postmarked date on their application. Show spaces are assigned in the order the applications are sorted by the above method.

06. All qualified candidates for ClayFest positions (ie : Chair and/or Trainee) are sorted in reverse order of the number of points they have and the qualified candidate with the least number of points will be selected for the opening.

This system provides Committee Chairs incentive to remain in their position for a number of years, the additional benefits of seniority in choosing their booth, and an assurance of getting in the show for a limited period after their tenure expires. The system supports the goal of bringing new people into the Steering Committee by placing them ahead of past Chairs for all openings. The system is simple and, by virtue of a maximum of three points, does not present an insurmountable obstacle (or deterrent) to new artists wishing to get into the show.

(*)Note : All participants in ClayFest must submit a completed application by the application deadline. The "points" committee recommends that all applications must be mailed using standard/regular United States Postal Service to the address on the application. Applications may not be hand-delivered, send via courier and/or any other means.

NOTE that the above is the original 2002 proposal for a "points" system for ClayFest. These policies have been changed in the ensuing years and the current policies can be found here = POLICIES