Local Clay Notes

Minutes from the Potluck / members meeting

Emerald Park- 6:30 September14th

In attendance: Brian Gorrin , Judy Alison , Paula MacCullen , Leslie Friedman, Susan Fishel , Frank Gosar , Michael Fromme , Kerry Silvey , Katie Swenson

The weather was a bit nippy and the food offerings were sweet- Apple pie, Blueberry cobbler, cake, fruit and nuts, lemon squares and also main course dishes of chicken, pizza and grape leaves. Now do you wish you had come to the meeting?!

Frank called the meeting to order and mentioned that we had copies of the May 17th minutes available he also mentioned my sorting out process of email addresses. Hopefully you are all now in my address book for the mass mailings.

Treasurer’s Report: Susan reported that the income this period is $325.00 in new membership and that there were some checks paid and the taxes are slightly higher this year, but nothing out of the expected realm. Expenses this period are $545.94 Year to date carried forward is $3,868.62 I will file a copy of her report.

ClayFest Posters! Frank brought posters for us to take and said the people who are on the committee will get theirs and Georgies will have them.

ClayFest Chair: Paula reported there is "A new thing!" We will have three Visa machines on two phone lines this year. The cost of adding was less than $100.00 additional money and it should keep the lines moving smoothly. Next meeting for ClayFest is the last before this year’s event and it is soon. Paula says all chairs will attend this

ClayFest Meeting
E.W.E.B on Wednesday, September 20
th 6:30

Clay in Ed. - Frank spoke for Linna to remind us that there will be a display at ClayFest for Clay in Education. We are asked to donate a piece to be sold in this display (the money will be put directly into the Clay in Education fund)

Brainstorm! We all thought the meeting might have been better attended if the weather hadn’t changed to cool and rainy(?) It was considered to be a nice location and we envisioned a fire in the grill next time…maybe music, at least more members… If we met a little earlier in the year could we find a date that fit schedules? It used to be that many members had shows which competed with a summer meeting date. Frank suggested that we could bring it up at the January meeting and try to schedule it in.


Club Mud studio clearance sale
September 16
th,Saturday 9:00-5:00

Lark Books- 500 Animals in Clay will be out in December and Frank Gosar and MichaelFromme have photos of their work in there!

Quarterly has several ceramic features in the last edition

Frank motioned to adjourn, Judy moved that we do and Paula seconded , so the meeting was adjourned.

Burp! It was a tasty one.