Minutes from the September 14th Local Clay Members Meeting

In attendance
: Virginia Taylor, Rhoda Fleischman, Chas Mindigo, Jon Winter, Susan Fishel, Beth Johnson, Dona Rennick, Tracie Manso, Frank Gosar, and Holly Dubrasich who took the minutes in Donís absence.

Minutes : Rhoda read the May 12th minutes to us and called for additions and/or corrections. There were none offered and a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to accept the minutes as presented.

Intro topic : The question tonight was "What is the most unusual use of one of your pots?" Several potters had had pots used as part of a wedding ceremony and one in a visioning ceremony. There were tales of using pots as urns, a baptismal font, green ware to break in a theatrical production and making 2 very large 30"x8" pie dishes.

Treasurerís Report : Susan read her report.

Committee Reports

ClayFest 2005 Update :

In Donís absence the following was read into the minutes Ö

Frank added that the Posters are done and they were available at the meeting. They can also be picked up at the ClayFest meeting on Monday the 19th at the EWEB building and at Georgies.

Clay in Ed : In Paula MacCullenís absence Rhoda relayed to us that the Clay in Ed money is almost gone. Good work teachers!

Empty Bowls : Frank shared that the event last spring brought in $175,000.

Workshops : Rhoda had no immediate plans for workshops but thought that we might work to help with the pre NCECA workshop event in the spring. Anyone with workshop ideas can contact Mike.

NCECA : The ad-hoc committee was not in attendance, but provided Frank with this written info about what is happening :

Holiday Guide : Virginia provided us with samples of the proposed holiday show guide, application forms and pricing information. The guide could showcase as many as 20 artists. The cost will depend on how many artists participate but could be as low as $30 per artist. The deadline to apply is October 3rd and image will be needed by October 14th. An announcement will go out very soon. Contact Virginia Taylor for questions and/or application form.

There was discussion from Rhoda about her positive experience in Portland with OPA members that do a holiday tour guide and how the other potters in the guide can support each other and increase success for all participants. Strength in numbers!

It was mentioned that Jon Myers will be at ClayFest to provide photographic services. He can produce digital images as well as slides and photographs and you do not need to be part of ClayFest to use his services. If you want to participate in the holiday guide and need some images you can schedule a session with Jon.

New Business : Frank mentioned something about updated membership but I canít read my writing. Sorry Ö

Announcement :

Denise Gosar is involved with the 2nd annual Bioneers Conference at LCC. They are all about sustainable business models-nondestructive to the environment. She will suggest that they visit ClayFest, as an example of a "grassroots sustainable business model" says Frank and an interesting local excursion during conference.

Meeting adjourned.

Pot Luck dinner : A fabulous potluck dinner was had by all who attended in the incredible garden that Rhoda and Shannon have created. Some of us got to see and marvel at the new and unusual heating stove that has been installed and soon to make a cozy home as well as crusty pizza. Sounds like a great winter.

Bell and Einstein, the dogs, had a lovely visit and many treats from their owners and friends. Rhoda gave a tour of her studio, gallery and soda kiln and discussed the very big difference between soda and salt on kiln bricks. Fantastic space! Thank you Rhoda.