Local Clay Annual Picnic Minutes

August 26, 2007

In Attendance : Paula MacCullen, Michael Fromme, Kay Irish, Tracie Manso, Susie Young, Elaine Pruett, Susan Fishel, Frank Gosar, Tim Sheehan, Leslie Friedman

Treasurer’s Report, Susan Fishel :

Total Income for 2007: $4045

Total 2007 Expenses: $2671.01

Total Profit for 1/1/07 through 8/26/07: $1373.99

YTD Carried Forward: $7175.76

Income from membership this year is higher than it was at this time in 2006.

ClayFest, Paula MacCullen :

Currently the waiting list is minimal with possibly two people. The withdrawal fee is currently 50%. After September 1, there will be no refund for withdrawals. Set-up for ClayFest is October 12. Show dates are October 13 and 14.

Empty Bowls, Kay Irish for Tom Rohr :

The Artist Bowl Sale will be held on September 8, 2:00-4:30 at Pacific Continental Bank, 111 W. 7th. A Sponsor Reception for the Artists will immediately precede the sale, from 1:00-2:00. The Empty Bowls Auction will be held on September 22, 5:30 – 9 pm at the Food for Lane County warehouse on Bailey Hill Rd. Added Bonus for ClayFest – all Empty Bowl customers will be given ClayFest postcards.

Clay in Ed, Kay Irish for Linna Muschlitz :

We will need a new Chairperson to head the Clay in Ed Committee for September through January. Linna will be out of town for six months or longer. Clay in Ed provides workshops to schools and communities. Workshops can last 1 hour to 1 day, and can be given to child or adult audiences.

Scholarship Committee, Frank Gosar :

Committee hasn’t met this Summer.

Vince Pitelka Workshop :

Elaine Pruett and Leslie Friedman attended the 4.5 day workshop. We learned several great tricks of handbuilding. We were able to come early and stay late to work on our oversized coiled pots and textured boxes. Vince is a talented teacher and it was a fun workshop. We’re very pleased to have participated in it.

Announcements :

Lane Art Council sent out a notice that local jeweler, Carol Westlake, has developed liver cancer. Lane Art Council is requesting artists to donate work for an auction to defray medical expenses. Please contact Lane Art Council for dates. 485-2278

Frank motioned that we adjourn and Michael seconded.

Picnic: The members and families that attended all had fun. The food was really good--especially the fresh garden vegetables, freshly baked pie with apples right from the tree, freshly baked garden-fresh zucchini/coconut cake (yum!) and other wonderful food The highlight of the day was probably our new Seconds Exchange, although most of the work didn’t look like seconds to me! It was a fun and easy way to see a sample of everyone’s style. Everyone went home happy! If you missed it, be sure to come to the picnic next year. It was really fun!