Local Clay Notes

Remaining 2003 Meetings : September 17 and November 13

In attendance : Don Clarke, Kay Irish, Frank Gosar, Anne Glancy, Sue Huckaby, Mary Briggs, Merry Newcomer, Mary Hindman, Coni Tarquin, Susan Fishel, Donna Meyer, Karen Russo, Judy Alison, Sookjae McCarty, Ann Hubbird,
Joe Davis
01. New Members : Coni Tarquin introduced herself as a transplant from SF three years ago. She is currently taking classes at Club Mud and makes mostly sculptural work and planters.
02. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
03. Treasurer's report : Kay gave report for Babara which stated current balance $4,991.04 with details
04. Clay in Education : Sue mentioned that Sue Roden had completed work with the Boy Scouts and some other adult groups, and was being reimbursed $200 for her time.
05. Empty Bowls : (Mary Briggs had not yet arrived and so Mary Hindman provided on overview) Mary reported a very successful event with $22,000 raised for FFLC (she noted that this was more that the Portland event sold in three days). FFLC is looking at some changed for 2004, specifically : more corporate sponsorship, more reimbursement to Club Mud for their massive efforts in the Throw-a-Thon process, including the wood and glass crafters again, and expanding the showing of "high end" bowls at local restaurants/galleries to 10+ (these bowls have a 60/40 artist/FFLC split). Mary asked the Local Clay community for any input/ideas that they may have to improve the 2004 show/sale. Mary mentioned that the FFLC committee had discussed the adequacy of the current space given the growth in the scope of the sale and decided that the crowded, frenzied atmosphere was felt to be part of the ambience (but they were still in discussions).
06. ClayFest : (Chairperson Robert Wolchock was absent so Don Clarke filled in)

· This year we had fantastic response to the show and ended up with a waiting list of over twenty (20) artists
· Gallery space is still available and applications are available on the ClayFest webpage
· The small, summer promo card is to printer and will soon be available from Dan Schmitt (publicity@clayfest.org)
· Image deadlines : 30 of June for poster. Contact Frank Gosar for more information (graphics@clayfest.org)
· Next ClayFest steering committee meeting (last one before the show) is September 18th

07. Workshops : Frank spent some time at Showcase recruiting possible artists for workshops. Frank is in discussions with Rebecca Urlacher about a smoke fire workshop. Frank is looking for suggestions for future workshops and volunteers for the 20 minute presentations at Local Clay meetings.
08. Old business : the position of President - Elect is still open. This position becomes President in 2004. Self nominations are welcome.
09. New Business : Kay announced that OPA has purchased new lights for the Showcase gallery and that they are willing to sell their old set (the ones we have been using for ClayFest) at a reasonable price. Further, OPA is considering new walls for their Gallery and the old ones may be available to ClayFest. In Robert's absence, Don took the contact information and will pass it along to him.
Susan Fishel mentioned the difficulty in dealing long distance with our CPA in Portland. She and Babara Ward would like to find a local CPA to handle our books. She asked for recommendations from which she and Babara will select a few to screen and then come back to the next meeting with a proposal.
10. Announcements :

· Merry Newcomer has some (12 x 24) ware boards - free - 485-6696
· Karen Russo mentioned that TAG (Talented and Gifted) is looking for instructors (2 - 4 week sessions) if interested contact Lisa Livelybrooks at 935-9502
· Chris Gum has had heart surgery and (we believe) could use some support. Judy Alison will contact him to see if there is anything the Local Clay community could do to help him out during his recovery.
· Demo : Don Clarke showed pictures of his trip to the wood fired potteries of rural France

11. Next meeting is Wednesday, September 17th this is our annual Potters Pot Luck Party. This year it will be again held at Kay Irish's home in Veneta. Mark your calendars NOW for a great social event