Local Clay Notes

Local Clay Board Meeting
June 19th, 2003

In attendance : Kay Irish, Frank Gosar, Don Clarke, Mary Hindman, Sue Huckaby

The meeting was called to discuss and clarify membership criteria. Specifically, Don reviewed an issue that had arisen during his job as ClayFest Registrar in which more than one person held a single Local Clay membership. The current By Laws are not specific as to multiple individuals holding a single membership; however, to date there are eight (8) such occurrences in our 121 active members.

After some discussion, Frank offered the following additions to the By Laws :
Article IV : Membership
Section 2.1 - Benefits of membership : Qualified Local Clay members will be eligible to :
(A) Be listed in the membership directory
(B) Receive a member's discount on Local Clay workshops and events
(C) Participate in ClayFest
(D) Participate in group buys of materials sponsored by Local Clay
Section 2.2 - Shared memberships : Multiple potters sharing a household may be permitted, at the discretion of the Board, to share a single membership. Shared members will cast a single vote at general meetings, receive one member discount per workshop or event, and be eligible to apply for one booth at ClayFest.
Following further discussion, Frank proposed we amend the By Laws as outlined and Mary Hindman seconded. The vote was unanimous.

Frank suggested that we amend the By Laws to add some flexibility to the scheduling of the January meeting and, after some discussion, it was proposed that we amend :
Article IV : Membership
Section 4. Annual Meeting : .. "shall be held in January of each year at a place decided by the Board"
The proposal was approved by a unanimous vote.

Frank reviewed the fact that the By Laws had not been formally updated to cover already approved changes, specifically :
Section 5 - General Meetings : had already been approved to include the phrase "and/or email" as the method of giving notice of meetings.
Article V : Officers
Section 1. Title : had already been approved to eliminate the OPA Board Liaison
Article VI : Board of Directors
Section 3. Number : had already been approved to reduce Board number to eight (8)

As there appears to be no electronic original of the By Laws, Don agreed to scan the hardcopy, update it to reflect the changes approved at the meeting and publish the current By Laws.
It was moved and agreed upon that the meeting be closed.