Local Clay Notes

Minutes from the May 17th 2006 Local Clay Members Meeting

In attendance: Susan Fishel, Don Clarke, Kay Irish, Rhoda Fleischman, Paula MacCullen, Sue and John Siwinski, Jayme Vineyard, Kathy Lee, Avi Harriman, Don Prey, Deborah Duke, Holly Dubrasich, Joshwaa Allen, Mike Morrison, Dawn Jones, Sandra Crowley, Donn Rowe, Wayne Lambert, Lynn Ihsen Peterson, Frank Gosar, Marilyn Perry and Katie Swenson…May have missed one or two of you unintentionally.

Introductory Question-What is it in other people’s pottery that attracts you?

  • "Infant imprint" That work which first served as an introduction to clay- Brown Pots/fired with wood/salt fired
  • Glazes…how did they do that?
  • Tactile-can’t resist touching…texture
  • Craftsmanship, execution- Form and finish
  • "Soap bubble syndrome" when it’s so light &thin…large even! How did they do that?
  • Human connection- to take home, a little bit of someone who you share your morning coffee with. The person leaves their mark in the clay and every time it is held or looked at you feel like a dialog exists.
  • Unique shape or texture/different kind of glaze
  • Everything!
  • Pleasing to the senses- functional for the chance to use it, but mostly a pleasing form to feast the eyes on and also to enjoy using as a thing of beauty.
  • Unique, non functional and decorative
  • Porcelain. Good craftsmanship, tactile
  • Attention to detail, looks deliberate, not fussy
  • Shows the state of mind the artist was in while making it also craftsmanship, and wood fired
  • Smoke fire, sculptured smooth
  • Simplicity…at a closer look there is another layer, depth
  • 1st Clay days- "California Funk" Narrative work, bright colors, also carved surfaces.
  • Gnarly stoneware!
  • Uniqueness, color-Intense color. Ideas that are new
  • Narrative One-of-a-kind and also mugs-"friends" to be with
  • Functional pottery forms with those little touches…
  • The maker’s spirit is in there and every style, every method is another chance to "hear" a person’s voice added to the language we share in our use of clay. It attracts simply because it is molded, touched or given some attention to, and in that process infused with qualities to be considered…another "voice". All kinds attract and often very different from my own work.
  • Color, Shape, Texture, Weight, a look inside, noise… ?
  • What attracts YOU?!

Treasurer’s Report: Susan reported that carried forward through 1/25/06 we had $5,801.77

Income this period was: $970.00 (N.C.E.C.A. and 2006 Membership dues)

Expenses were: $2682.21 (administrative costs, accountant, and the big $2064. We donated to the L.C.C. pre conference)

Total Expenses this period: $2682.21

Leaving Local Clay with a YTD of $4,089.56

Minutes from the March 30th meeting were approved (moved by Josh, seconded by Kay)

Discussion of membership dues date: Frank explained that there is a need to establish a clear timeline for yearly dues being paid by Local Clay members. The directory cannot be made until we know who our members are.

Offering members the opportunity to apply to ClayFest is done by the Registrar who sends applications to Local Clay members. This year Don Clarke was NOT both Secretary and ClayFest Registrar, so he sent a REMINDER with his applications that people must be members and he simplified it for nonpaid people by saying they could send both their member dues and their ClayFest applications to him.

It should be known that this was a last time method. Next year we will all be members paid up when it is time to apply to ClayFest (if we want to apply)

We had become accustom to his efficiency in handling the dual tasks. Katie is secretary this year and she made it clear that the membership dues CAN NOT be dribbling in all year long. A secretary needs to know that all dues are going to be paid by a certain date, then a membership list is compiled and a directory is made.

The Registrar is then able to take the member list for that year and send ClayFest applications out.

Clarifying membership dues date will make several jobs easier!

The concerns and suggestions regarding this issue were numerous; will we fill the show (ClayFest). Don Clarke said that we typically have more applicants than spaces available. Will people remember (Holly suggested a postcard reminder which we think is logical). Could we allocate dues at end of ClayFest? This is too much paperwork to add to a very busy event, Can the timeline for dues being paid change? Frank mentioned the fact that in January/February we are not in a busy season and have an easier time fitting in the hours of paperwork and record keeping needed to do the membership. Maybe the real attraction is ClayFest…"Do we want the show to drive the org. or the org. to drive the show?"

After careful, thoughtful discussion (and a little venting by this year’s secretary) Susan Fishel moved that we have it written as follows:

Membership dues are to be paid by January 31st

People can buy multiple years.

Those who pay during or after ClayFest get the remainder of that year free.

Don seconded. Rhoda amended it that members must be "in good standing" as of January 31st timeline to be in the ClayFest show that year. Don Clarke brought up the fact that this would put members joining after Jan.31st in a position where they can’t do ClayFest that year. We all decided that they would get their day. Frank read the proposal once again. All voted in favor, but Avi (who had expressed the idea of charging more to people who paid their dues late) and the proposal passed.

ClayFest report : Paula reported that booth selection was Monday night and we could see the results and Don mentioned that the results are online as well. The ClayFest committee explored the idea of having Friday be a reception night next year and they chose to have Avi and Don Clarke be the committee who will get feedback and thoughts, feelings, input on that idea so let them know if you have an opinion. Jayme Vineyard asked if new members could be in the gallery? A resounding yes came from several people and then Paula took the chance to say that to be IN (as in having a booth) for sure all you need to do is to be a chair.

Workshops/demos : Mike had to leave early, so Frank spoke for him saying that there is not a workshop currently planned.

Clay in Ed.: Linna was a bit flushed (like a bird from the nest?) because she had been out in the record-setting heat building "nests" with students. She reported that she and Frank have both received some Clay in Ed. Funding, but that there is still the opportunity if others wish to apply. Ask her for the form and tell her what your project is and then it will be decided. We pay $25.00/Hour for the time of "hands on" clay education! The expense of materials and prep. Time etc… you will need to find other funding for. Linna also wanted to have photos of the educational efforts, so that she can show what Clay in Education does when she puts up the display at ClayFest. She would very much like to see some donations of work for Clay in Education as well. The money those pieces raise will go into that fund. $1400. Remains available.

Empty Bowls Report: Joshwaa spoke with Terry Kirby and the on-line auction at V.R.C. is underway! (There are showcases by Euphoria chocolate). He talked with Tom Rohr at L.C.C. and the bowls that were made at the throw-a-thon will be at the Empty Bowls event, which will be at Opus6ix. June 1st 6:00 is the set-up and the event is June 2nd. Be there at 5:15 to have goodies to eat and stand as a creator of some of the many bowls that were donated. June 30th is the deadline for the live auction, which will happen Sept. 9th.


Joshwaa announced that Judy Allison will have a show of her pinch pots June 3rd-July 16th at 26th & Potter, The Hope Abbey Mausoleum Eugene Masonic Cemetery Reception-Friday June 2nd 5:30-7:30

Kay Irish handed out processed membership forms to the Empty Bowls, ClayFest, and Clay in Education chairs. She said people are interested in demos.

Frank has made his contribution to Ceramics Monthly again! He says there are quotes of Local Clay members and that one is a HUGE pull-quote (which Holly read from the C.M. on the counter) and it was suggested that it really should be put on a t-shirt. Grace Sheese is in that issue as well in the "Emerging Artists" notice.

After Break: Frank called the meeting back and announced, for the absent demo. Chair that Joshwaa would "Get a Handle on it". We watched Joshwaa craft handles in a careful focused and thoughtful way. He could not be cajoled away from his task and answered many questions, fielded comments about style and ended with some fine results. Kathy mentioned "Slap Carrot" handles and Holly reminded us of the buttons that used to be so common on handles. It was fun to consider how differently each handle can be made. People contribute so generously with what they have to share. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: Picnic in Sept. at Susan Fishel’s house 380 Howard Ave. September14th