Local Clay Notes

Local Clay Meetings for 2004 : September 16th, and November 17th

The following are the minutes from the May 12th, 2004 Local Clay Membership Meeting

Minutes recorder was Merry Newcomer

In Attendance : Michael Fromme, Frank Gosar, Elise Corin, Anne Glancy, Dona Rennick, Sookjae McCarty, Don Prey, Coni Tarquini, Jeff Drullard, Kay Elmore, Olga Salko, Mary Briggs, Tracie Manso, Kathleen Piper, Merry Newcomer

Michael called the meeeting to order at 6:40pm

Committee reports :

Clay Fest
: Frank reported for Don: application deadline in 5/31/04; @70 apps received to date; next board meeting is 6/23 at EWEB with booth selection for applicants with points to follow.

Clay in Education : Mary reported several proposals have been received and executed.

Empty Bowls : Mary gave a review of the events planned for this year (silent auction and fundraising dinner in addition to bowls sale); deadline is 5/21 to drop off bowls at FFLC or Georgies.

Treasurer and Demo Chair were not present.

Old Business : none

New Business :Tracie distributed info re: workshops by Leslie Lee & Dennis Meiners

August 5 : Bonzai & Pottery - check with Georgies for more info

Mary asked for leads for sponsorships for Clay Fest

New attendees : Kay Elmore and Olga Salko

A brilliant demonstration of rodent creation was given by Frank. He has pieces in the Cats and Dogs show currently at Alder Gallery in Coburg.

Next meeting : September 16 at 6:30pm