Local Clay Notes

Remaining 2003 Meetings : June 19, September 17 and November 13

Local Clay Minutes April 16, 2003 Courtesy of Merry Newcomer who volunteered to take notes while I was attending an Italian class (preparing for a possible Spring 2004 trip to Italy)
In attendance : Kay Irish, Frank Gosar, Carolyn Fredrickson, Elise Corin, Beverly Curtis, Spencer Pentela, Rick Cosci, Anne Glancy, Michael Fromme, Dan Minard, Faith Rahill, Carolyn Tyrell, Carolyn Osborne Sommer, Susan Roden, Sue Huckaby, Mary Briggs, Robert Wolchock, Barbara Ward, Tracie Manso, Denise Davis, Merry Newcomer
1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
2. Treasurer's report : current balance $4,902.96
3. ClayFest:
Robert presented the idea of a Friday night opening. This has been discussed by the steering committee and put on hold till next year due to the amount of planning and coordination required. Issues include increased costs, changes in set-up and increased work shifts. Ideally a sponsor can be found to pay for the extra show day and food for the event. Several Clay Folk members were present and said they have good sales on Fridays at the fall show. The committee is interested in feedback on the idea.
Applications have been mailed to last years participants, those with points, chairs and those who have requested one. Applications can be requested by email at registrar@clayfest.org or downloaded from the webpage at www.clayfest.org or by phone from Don Clarke at 541-683-6330.
Robert is hoping to generate increased community awareness of the show and our potters community by asking us to provide information about ourselves that can be used for public relations stories to be provided to local media. He will make an outline available to be returned to the publicity chair.
Image deadlines : 31 May for small postcard; 15 June for large postcard; 30 June for poster. Contact Frank Gosar for more information (fgosar@efn.org)
Next Clay Fest steering committee meeting is June 4
4. Empty Bowls : Mary Briggs reported a very successful event with $22,000 raised for FFLC. Marys H and B met with White Lotus to evaluate results, some discussion of improving traffic flow in the gallery; more help for Club Mud with trimming and glazing after the throw-a-thon; good response to displays at 5th Street Market, people wanted to buy the bowls there; possibly increase venues for silent auction displays and variety of media of bowls.
5. Clay in Education : Sue has applications for proposals available and has not received any proposals yet. Andrea DiPalma is in India so there may be an opportunity for someone else to work with the kids at Looking Glass.
6. Workshops : 2 great workshops since last meeting: Frank's on brush making and Karl Knudson's thrown and altered forms. Frank is looking for suggestions for future workshops and 20 minute presentations at Local Clay meetings.
7. Old business : the position of President -Elect is still open. This position becomes President (in fact) in 2004. Self nominations are welcome.
8. NCECA : Michael and Kay gave a report on their recent experience there, sounds like something every potter needs to do as often as possible.
9. Announcements :
Robert is building the arch on his kiln and is open to helpers and/or those interested in learning how to do it.
Anne Glancy has some 4 x 9-5/8 plywood ware boards - free - 484-4592
Asian Influences show is on at White Lotus
Susan Roden has a source for shredded paper for packing, rakuing or ?
10. Demo : Rick Cosci gave a detailed and lively demonstration of ocarina making.
11. Next meeting June 19