Minutes from Local Clay meeting held Thursday, March 30th

Attendance: Frank Gosar, Katie Swenson (Secretary), Susan Fishel, Merry Newcomer, Don Clarke, Ralph Wiber, Joshwaa Allen, Ziggy Blum, Avi Harriman, Lynn Pederson, Deborah Duke, Paula MacCullen, Sue Siwinski, John Siwinski, Kay Irish, Jeanni Holder, Leslie Friedman, Terry Kirby, Mary Briggs, Wayne Lambert, Kerry Silvey, Brian Gorrin, Judy Allison, Tracie Manso

Our meeting was called to order by Frank. The introductory question was asked; Is there an experience that was life changing for you as a clay artist ? Common to the group is a love of clay. Many people discovered this unintentionally, but found it to be life changing. Points mentioned were the realization that self expression is a stress reliever and can be energizing as well-This revelation can make other occupations less desirable than the artist’s path. Choices were made for joy of creating and change came with that choice. People quit a job that got in the way , changed their course of study in school, met someone with a potters lifestyle and decided right then and there… One couple uses the bathtub to store pottery in. Some people are just happy to get paid for the things that they would make anyway…it was a great discussion and many people mentioned the sure knowledge that this is it-the good life. I could tell you which people expressed love , nirvana, pure joy and "The moment they touched clay", but since we are all members of Local Clay I guess you get the idea. It is mother earth, and we are home.

Approval of the minutes from the January 11th meeting- Mary moved to approve and Deborah seconded. All were in favor.

Election of President Elect- Kay Irish was self nominated and Judy moved to elect her, Don seconded, all were in favor

Empty Bowls/Throw-a-thon Josh handed out the Empty Bowls information sheets and timelines These can be obtained by contacting Terry Kirby 343-2822 or e-mail tkirby@foodforlanecounty.org

The throw-a-thon went great at LCC Tom’s students will trim and complete the bowls. Brian said that around 400 bowls were made! Terry mentioned that there was also a fabric bowl-a-thon, a glass bowl-a-thon and even wood bowls are being made. Last year Food For Lane County made $177,000.through the project. Empty Bowls is THE BIGGEST fundraiser that they do. Another fact that Terry shared is that 80,000 people were served by Food For Lane County. Our participation benefits others as well as ourselves- we can donate bowls and also sell bowls. The specifics are in the packet, but generally there are three events: An Empty Bowl Sale-June 2nd at Opus6ix Deadline for submissions: April 28th A live auction in September which has 30 guest tables each with large bowls. Deadline for these donations is June 30th and an on-line community auction which has a deadline for submissions of: April 14

ClayFest Budget-Paula MacCullen informed us of two added costs ; Our own lights for the gallery, so we wont have to borrow from OPA/Showcase and also mailing/distribution costs will be budgeted with slightly more this year. The budget from the following year was used as guideline. In reading it I want to make a note that the commission for Clay Fest show last year (2005) was 1% higher and the committee agreed to put it back to 15%. Artists sales increased last year and all seems to be well with our budget. Paula moved to approve, Don seconded, all approved.

Local Clay Budget- Frank showed the budget plan for 2006. Using last years budget as a guide the changes were minor, but because of money donated to the LCC conference we will have a smaller amount remaining for the workshop budget this year. Mary Briggs moved to approve, Merry Newcomer seconded and all approved.

Workshops/Demos- Mary said the LCC conf. Demos were great and she is excited be our workshops chairperson. She is glad we have remaining budget for one or two workshops this year.

NCECA shows- Those who attended felt that these were very worthwhile and inspiring. The D.I.V.A. space had a retrospective of George Kokis’ work and Grace Sheese had a solo show. So Two rooms held work from our Local Clay group, so that made a wide offering of ceramics in just the one location in Eugene. D.I.V.A. will continue to show our group show and Grace’s work through April 29th. The shows at Opus6ix and White Lotus were beautiful and of outstanding work. Portland had ceramics in galleries all over the city.

Multiple potter Households- Apparently this issue was already discussed a few years back and it is in the bylaws that if two potters share a household and only want one booth at Clay Fest then they only pay the one membership of $15.00/year to be local Clay members. They also only have one discount for workshops. If the potters in that household each want their own both at Clay Fest then they each need to be separate paying members to Local clay.

Member Announcements- Frank mentioned that LCC sent us a thank you for our sponsorship of the NCECA Pre Conference. He also had personal news of two publications Ceramics Monthly recently had his commentaries (although his friend is Debbie and the Amy mentioned is the teacher) and Frank also has a photo acceptance for 500 Animals in Clay, a Lark book.

King Estates Proposal- Do we want to have our work featured at King Estates Winery? Frank received a query. There is a possibility that a clay show or event could happen there. Avi said he would take the job of researching this offer. He asked Frank to forward the info. to email members and those who want to can reply to Avi. He will begin the process anyway.

Don Clarke-ClayFest Registrar says, "You can down load applications for ClayFest a week from Friday". ( He put them in the mail March 31st )

Holly mentioned a show that will be in Corvallis at Artcentric called, "Figurative Ceramics Northwest". It opens May 11th. Tracie brought some flyers from hummingbird summer workshops in southern Oregon Contact info.: www.HummingbirdSouthernOregon.com Call 541-899-7045 for more info.

Posters- had a drawing of names for the three posters Frank had left from the teapots show Brian, Avi and Don were the lucky winners. Nice job on the posters, Frank

The meeting was adjourned-Frank motioned Brian moved and Kay seconded. Adjourned.

Katie gave Susan those dues recently collected and has a few members’ status to enter into the "paid" dues for 2006, so if you have paid do not be alarmed-we will be entering the current members. IF you need to pay do it soon, so that you can apply to Clay Fest. Clay Fest applications are being sent in the mail-if a reminder to pay your dues is included please feel free to check with Katie to see if your status is not correct…

Sincere appreciation to Deborah Duke for the assist in getting Membership records online and notice of this meeting sent. And to Don -Thank you for the help he is giving to get Katie set-up to send these minutes and to perform the rest of the secretarial work for this year.