Local Clay Membership Meeting Minutes

March 30th, 2005

In attendance : Paula MacCullen, Mike Morrison, Rosemarie Atencio, Susan Fishel, Rhoda Fleishman, Grace Sheese, Frank Gosar, Kay Irish, Christie Schreiber, Deborah Duke, Holly Dubrasich, Mary Hindman, Merry Newcomer, Joshwaa Allen, Mary Briggs, Terry Kirby (FFLC), Kathy Kitchel, and others that arrived late and didn't sign the roster. Recording Secretary : Don Clarke

Opening Remarks : Rhoda opened the meeting, following her new format, with an question to get some dialog going. The question tonight was " What is your favorite workshop tip? " to which many attendees responded and a few of the tips that were shared were :

Empty Bowls : Since we had guests from Food For Lane County (FFLC) it was agreed to rearrange the agenda so they could make their presentation without having to sit through our entire meeting.

Terry Kirby from FFLC opened with a big THANKS for all the support that Local Clay has given to the Empty Bowls project. She made a lengthy presentation on hunger in Lane County (including handouts), a brief chronology of how ceramic bowls have been made for the event, and the past successes of the Empty Bowls event (bringing in ~$80,000 in 2004). I will not try to capture all the details, but will note that the event has become their largest fundraiser and this year their goal is $100,000

Specific to this year's event Terry noted that the Throw-a-thon was last weekend and netted approximately 260 bowls which are currently being glazed and fired at Lane Community College (LCC). Tom Rohr commented that the event was a great fit for the ceramics studio at LCC and he hoped to be able to continue to offer the space for future events (noting of course that the availability would be contingent on timing as once classes have restarted after spring break the studio is packed with students). The EMU is planning a Bowl-a-rama and other supporters (ie : Glass Blowers, etc) are also planning similar events.

Terry presented a handout and brief overview of the major segments of the ever-growing event :

After this brief overview it became obvious that the event had grown to such a complex entity that a number of attendees were still totally confused as to what-was-what and what they actually needed to do. Terry offered another handout which detailed all the specifics and can be found by clicking this link ( FORM ). Terry closed by noting that anyone can contact her directly (343-2822 or tkirby@foodforlanecounty.org)

Meeting Continuation : Rhoda asked if there were any changes to the minutes of the January 13th meeting and seeing none called for approval which was unanimous. Katie Swenson noted that she had not received a copy of the minutes in the mail (she does not do email). Don explained that everyone is provided with minutes depending on the selection (email or snail-mail) on their Local Clay application form. It was determined that Katie had paid her annual membership dues after the January meeting and as such had not been on the mailing list.

Treasurer's Report : Susan explained that she had changed the format of presenting the "numbers" so that she will be presenting only those income and expense details that have occurred since the previous meeting date. The handout she provided indicated that between February 2nd and March 30th Local Clay had $ 1,169 in income and $ 846.28 in expenses. The current balance carried forward is $ 4,605.34

Committee Reports

Clay In Education : Paula challenged the membership to make proposals as she has a generous budget this year. She mentioned that Don Clarke had received $400 for a wheel-throwing project he is doing at North high school. Paula has forms for any member wishing to develop a proposal to bring art into the community.

ClayFest : Don overviewed that the Steering Committee had created a new position of webmaster. There was an announcement to the membership and he is currently having discussions (including some homework assignments) with two candidates. Further, the resignation of Michael Morrison as Registrar Trainee had left this position open; however, Don mentioned that we are unfortunately quite far into the tasks of the Registrar already and filling this Trainee opening may not be feasible. He is currently discussing this with the one candidate that replied.

The budget for the annual show must be approved by the membership. Don presented a budget of
$ 16,706 and offered handouts to anyone wanting details. For anyone interested in the details of the budget they are available by clicking on this link (
BUDGET ). He explained that last year's show had lost $275 (expenses greater than income) and so this year the Steering Committee had decided to create a larger buffer in their budgeting. To accomplish this the commission rate for booth participants had been raised from 15% to 16%. The projected bottom-line shows a net profit of $ 1,149. There was a motion to approve the budget as presented, it was seconded and approved unanimously.

Don gave everyone a heads-up that the application was back from the printer and would be in the mail shortly. The "early" mailing will go out on April 6th and the mailing to the remaining general membership would go out April 13th. As always, a large component of getting into the show is how quickly members get their application returned (envelope postmark date).

Workshops : Rhoda quipped that it appeared that "free" workshops didn't draw a crowd and that in future we will charge for all workshops. She highlighted that we have already had three workshops this year and there are two more planned.

Empty Bowls Chair-Elect : Rhoda noted that the position was open and called for nominations. Joshwaa Allen said he was interested and volunteered. Mary Briggs overviewed that the Empty Bowls Chair acted as a liaison between Local Clay and FFLC which required the attendance at a lot of meetings in order to keep dialog flowing. Seeing no other candidates, Rhoda called for a vote and Joshwaa was elected by a unanimous vote. Joshwaa will work with the current Empty Bowls Chair (Mary Briggs) this year and take over the responsibilities in 2006.

OLD and NEW Business : Rhoda called for any agenda items and got the following

New Committee : Rhoda broached the idea of having an ad-hoc committee which would be responsible to gather all the "Call for artists" information pertinent to the area and Local Clay members and provide this to the webmaster for inclusion on our webpage. Anyone interested in taking on this should contact Rhoda directly.

Roommate : Susan Fishel is looking for a (female) roommate for three nights during Showcase.

NCECA : Tom Rohr gave a brief overview of NCECA in Portland in 2006. He said that the show would bring approximately 4500-5000 attendees and provide many opportunities for the local ceramics community. Specific to that, he outlined LCC's involvement which to date includes sponsorship of a pre-show conference in Eugene on March 6th and 7th (2006). At this point the pre-show conference will include a show by five renown ceramic artists (who's names I didn't have time to capture) under the general theme of Ceramic Surfaces. The show will be at the new Opus·6 Gallery.

Tom spent some energy getting the group motivated as to what Local Clay could do to get involved. He reiterated that this (NCECA in Portland) was an excellent opportunity for everyone in the ceramic arts community as there will be many-many artists from around the country (and internationally) in the northwest for the meeting. This is a opportunity for us to show-off the area's outstanding artwork.

Rhoda suggested that we form an ad-hoc committee (as opposed to having individual members going off trying to do things on their own) to make a proposal to the general membership. Three members (Katie Swenson, Deborah Duke, and Grace Sheese) agreed to work together and bring back some ideas to the membership (hopefully at the May 12th meeting).

Tom closed by encouraging Local Clay to consider sponsoring some of the local events that were being planned.

Announcements : Frank offered that he is presenting a workshop on paint brushes in Medford on May 15th
Meeting Adjourned

Program : Christina Howard from SpringBridge Physical Therapy in Eugene (343-8889) gave a marvelous presentation titled "Injury Prevention for the Throwing Athlete" (that's us!). Using a wheel as a prop (and the photo of Andy Salzman hunching over a wheel during the recent Trim-a-thon taken from the Registrar Guard) she explained in detail the physiology of how our bodies function specific to what we do while throwing pots and moving supplies around the studio. An excellent handout was provided that covered everything from the general principles of the physical activities involved, to suggestions for how to prepare ourselves for throwing pots, to suggested stretches (including diagrams) and a discussion on "Core Stability".

During a follow-up question-and-answer session Christina mentioned that in Oregon you do not need a physicians referral to see a Physical Therapist and suggested that anyone experiencing any difficulties with their bodies may want to have them diagnosed. She cautioned that ignoring the symptoms (our bodies telling us there is a problem) does not work for long and in order to be able to continue to do the artwork we love we must take care of our body (our tool).

Remaining Local Clay Meetings for 2005 : May 12th, September 14th, and November 10th