Local Clay Board Meeting Minutes

March 30th, 2005

In attendance : Frank Gosar, Don Clarke, Susan Fishel, Rhoda Fleischman, Paula MacCullen, and Mike Morrison - Recording Secretary : Don Clarke

Open Local Clay position : Rhoda announces that she had received formal resignation by Rosemarie Atencio as Empty Bowls Chair.

It was stated in the previous (February 2, 2005) Board minutes that "
Frank notes that the current By·Laws do not include a change that was approved in August of 2000. . The change that was moved and approved created an additional Board position for Empty Bowls Chair-elect which was elected at the annual January membership meeting and served as Chair the following year." The impact of this on Rosemarie Atencio (who was elected Empty Bowls Chair at the January membership meeting) was recorded as "Since her election she has been confounded and confused with the difficulty in assuming her new position as the current Empty Bowls Chair continued to maintain her position. Frank noted that the Board simply "screwed-up" in not ensuring the amendment was included in the By·Laws and asked that they be updated to reflect this 2000 change."

The formal resignation now leaves open the position of Empty Bowls Chair-Elect which Rhoda stated would be opened to the general membership at the next meeting.

By-Laws Changes : The changes proposed at the February 2, 2005 Board meeting were brought to the Board for approval. In addition, Rhoda announced that her copy of the By-Laws stated that the annual meeting must occur on a specific date in January and that perhaps we'd be better if we allowed a little more flexibility. After a brief discussion it was agreed that the required annual membership meeting could simply take place "in January".

The Board then unanimously approved the changes to the By-Laws to (1) correct the missing Empty Bowls Chair-Elect position, (2) add descriptions for the Clay In Education, Empty Bowls, and Workshop Chair positions, and (3) relax the specificity of the annual membership meeting.

It should be noted that upon further investigation it was determined that the version of the By-Laws that Rhoda was using was extremely old and that the date for the annual membership meeting had already been changed.
Once updated, a copy of the current By-Laws will be provided to all Board members and posted on our webpage. Anyone wishing a copy of the By-Laws can click on this link (
BY-LAWS ) and get one formatted to print/save or to read on-line, or if a member wants a copy sent to them they can contact the Secretary.

Insurance Review : Rhoda gave an overview of our insurance coverage by stating that it "looks OK". She further asked who was responsible for the premium payment and it was confirmed that the Treasurer was the person that handled that duty. The current insurance policy has the incorrect address (listed as the previous Treasurer's home address) and it was agreed that the insurance policy (as with other "corporate" documents) should have Local Clay's Post Office Box address listed. Susan asked how often the POB was checked for mail and Don mentioned that he passes the POB on the way into town so that it gets checked at a minimum of a few times a week. Rhoda further questioned why ClayFest was not mentioned in the policy and it was explained that the corporation (Local Clay) has the policy and that ClayFest is simply a function of the corporation. It was further clarified that the only real reason for the insurance policy was to cover the annual show (ClayFest) and for that reason the ClayFest budget pays for the entire policy premium.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting which passed unanimously.