Local Clay Board Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2007


In attendance :  Kay Irish, Michael Fromme, Susan Fishel, Linna Muschlitz, Frank Gosar, Leslie Friedman, Paula MacCullen


We compared the budget for the past two years to determine the 2007 Budget.


Expenses                2007                      2006     Income 2006                   2005       


President                 75 (includes             25                                             25

                             Park fee for picnic)

Secretary                300                        300                                           215

Treasurer                25                          25                                             25

Clay in Ed                1600                      1968                                          1400

Workshops              2000                      2064             500                        2000

Taxes                     100                        500                                           250

Accountant              150                                                                        125

Brochure                 50                          46

Scholarship              1000

ClayFest                                                                  300

Carry forward from 2006  $5897



Susan motioned to approve the 2007 budget as written.  Michael seconded.


January 31, 2007 was the new deadline for Local Clay membership dues in order to be eligible to participate in ClayFest.  48 people missed the deadline including three ClayFest chairs.   We discussed offering a blanket grace period for ClayFest eligibility through April 15 with a $30 penalty to be paid with the ClayFest application.  If someone pays Local Clay dues after January 31 and does not plan to participate in ClayFest, there is no penalty.  The money received from the $30 penalty will go to Clay in Ed or Workshops.  The discussion was set aside for approval at the Membership meeting.


The Local Clay/ClayFest website came up for discussion.  The Board agreed that the previous year’s ClayFest website should always remain intact until the current year’s website is created.  Paula recommended that any member of Local Clay should be eligible to have their work appear on the website, regardless of whether they participate in ClayFest.  It was agreed that the Webmaster should be able to move pictures around but not remove photos without discussing the matter with the Board in advance.  We need guidelines for the webpage.  Don Clarke does an excellent job as Webmaster.  Kay will ask him to write a job description for the Webmaster so we will have a better grasp of the function.


Leslie Friedman