Local Clay Notes

Local Clay Meetings for 2004 : May 12th, September 16th, and November 17th

The following are the minutes from the March 11th, 2004 Local Clay Membership Meeting

In Attendance : Don Clarke, Frank Gosar, Kay Irish, Mary Briggs, Barbara Ward, Paula MacCullen, Merry Newcomer, Kathleen Piper, Rhoda Fleischman, Katie Swenson, Daniel Hanson, Coni Tarquini, Valerie Gomes-Pereira, Christie Schreiber, Karl Smiley, Sandune, Terry Kirby, Sookjae McCarty, Ann Hubbird, Anne Glancey, Brian Gorrin, and Ellen Davidson

There was a
Board Meeting called just before the regular members' meeting to discuss the replacement of Robert Wolchock who had resigned as ClayFest Chairperson. Don Clarke had volunteered to take on the position, but the replacement is a Board decision (per By·Laws). The Board unanimously voted Don in as Chairperson for ClayFest 2004.

Kay Irish took over the meeting as Michael Fromme (President) had a last-minute emergency with one of her animals and could not make the meeting.

Committee Reports

Treasurer : Barbara Ward gave a brief overview of our finances stating that we had net income year to date of $1260 and our current balance was $6140. There was a handout that I would be more than happy to provide to anyone that is interested.

Workshops : Frank Gosar noted that the two recent workshops (Susan Roden's "Paper Clay" and Richey Bellinger's "A Richness of Form and Surface") brought in $315 and $340 respectively. He said they were well attended and remarked that Richey's presentation was outstanding! Frank reminded everyone that there is still one more workshop in the Spring series (Altered Forms and Soft Facets by Hank Murrow) and that it is this weekend. There are still openings so anyone interested can contact Frank directly (workshops@clayfest.org) or 541-607-2708. For more information go to http://www.clayfest.org/workshops.htm

ClayFest :
Don Clarke (that's me) gave an update to this year's show which is to be held Saturday and Sunday (October 9th and 10th) at the Lane County Fairgrounds. The basics of his remarks were :

Clay in Education : Mary Briggs indicated that she had yet to really get involved in the program but that she was ready and excited to take over the position. She and Kay briefly talked about the program so that everyone had a clear understanding of the goals and parameters. Katie Swenson discussed a proposal that she was working on to do some in-school teaching at Fox Hollow Elementary School. Her proposal had money for preparation, classroom time, supplies and firings; however, it was noted that the program only pays for "in classroom" teaching time. Given the fact that Katie has requested $12/hour and the program pays $25/hour, it was suggested that she rework her numbers and see if she could still afford to do the two educational proposals.
There was some discussion about the flexibility of the requirements/limitations given the fact that each situations different. It was specifically noted that some schools have ceramic equipment which allows the teacher/artist to use the school's kiln, etc to complete the students' work. Those schools and organizations that do not have this kind of support require the teacher/artist to find other means of firing the work which may require (at a minimum) lots of transportation and sometimes paying to have the work fired. It was suggested that individuals applying for Clay In Education funds broach this with the specific schools to see if other schools in the district would be willing to provide use of some of their facilities.
There was no agreement or decision on changing the current program's guidelines or structure.

Empty Bowls : Mary Briggs introduced Terry Kirby from FFLC. Terry gave another update on this year's event which has grown into a week-long series of events. First Terry thanked everyone that participated in the Throw-a-Thon which produced over 400 bowls and Frank thanked Terry for coming to Club Mud and boxing up all the bowls as they were unloaded from the kiln. Then Terry overviewed the following :

Upcoming Workshop : Rhoda (the new Workshop Chair) discussed an opportunity she is pursing to get Ruthanne Tudball (www.ruthannetudball.com) to do a workshop for Local Clay here in Eugene. Ruthanne is famous for her Soda Glazed work. Apparently she may be coming to the states (from England) in October and Rhoda is working with other local groups (ie : LCC, etc) to share the expenses and get us a great workshop. Rhoda asked for input from the group and it basically (lacking a lot of specifics on the artist and/or dates) lead to a request for an "affordable" workshop that was up to three days long. People generally did not feel a hands-on workshop was that valuable, but were concerned about the price. Rhoda indicated that she was working hard to get the price to be in line with our previous workshop pricing. Some dates were discussed and it was generally felt that after ClayFest would be best. Rhoda suggested people mark their calendar for the weekend of October 22nd thru 24th "just in case" we can pull this off

After the meeting ended, Sandune (aka Carolyn Osborne Summer) gave an informative presentation on her work with low-fired clays and pit firing.