Minutes from the January 13thth Local Clay Members Meeting

In attendance : Michael Fromme, Rosemarie Atencio, Paula MacCullen, Mike Morrison, Lindsey Smith, Susan Fishel, Rhoda Fleishman, Jerry and Shirley Huft, Grace Sheese, Frank Gosar, Kay Irish, Christie Schreiber, Brian Gorrin, Jeremy Smith, Deborah Duke, Holly Dubrasich, Susan Roden, and me (Don Clarke) your meeting secretary.

Rhoda opened the meeting by greeting the new faces in the crowd and welcoming everyone to the first meeting for 2005. At Rhoda's suggestion, each person took a moment to introduce themselves and share their "favorite and worst ceramics shows" memories which led to some wonderful anecdotes of life as a potter/artist.

Committee Reports

Treasurer :
Susan gave an overview complete with handouts which I will attempt to summarized as the fact that Local Clay had a negative cash-flow (expenses greater than income) of $1,012 last year, and currently has $3,927 in the bank. Anyone wishing a copy of the actual financial report can obtain one from Susan Fishel.

ClayFest 2005 : Don gave a brief overview of the 2005 show noting that ClayFest is a volunteer-run show and that this year we have a large number of Trainee openings. A number of people volunteered to be Trainee candidates which left only the following positions without any interested members : Chairperson, Poster/Graphics, Publicity, and Sponsorship. At this point the current Chairs of these Committees have indicated they will continue on for another year; however, it would be advantageous to have Trainees for all the openings. Complete descriptions of the openings can be found online at : http://members.efn.org/~clayfest/chairs.htm along with links to the current Chair's email so you can contact them with any specific questions you may have.

The first Steering Committee meeting for ClayFest·2005 is January 25th and is open to any Local Clay member that wishes to attend. For location and time please contact Don Clarke by email (
chairperson@clayfest.org) or phone (541-683-6330). This meting will focus on a review of the financials for the 2004 show, preliminary work on the 2005 show's budget, decisions on which of the debriefing meeting suggestions to incorporate, discussion of possible policy changes, determination of the show's deadlines, and other related topics.

Empty Bowls : Mary Briggs was not present to give an update. Don broached the issue that he had heard expressed during and after last year's sale that a number of potters had become disenchanted with the way the sale had been "taken over" and lost its original flavor. There were some feelings shared regarding the fact that Eugene's Empty Bowls was such a great success that the pressure for more bowls had grown to the point where it had worn down the pottery community. As a result, Food For Lane County had expanded their definition of "bowls" so that the show could include much more work and the resulting sale had become somewhat of a media event the sale's once distinct personality had become a victim of its own success.

Rhoda asked people to work through their thoughts on the subject as we would be discussing this further at our March meeting.

Clay In Education : Mary Briggs was not present to give an update.

Workshops : Rhoda gave an update on the upcoming spring workshops. At this point three are planned :

Election of Officers

The annual January membership meeting is where we nominate and elect officers for the corporation. There were seven positions open and after much discussion of duties, etc. the following slate of candidates emerged :

President Elect Frank Gosar
Treasurer Susan Fishel (*)
Secretary Don Clarke (*)
ClayFest Chair Don Clarke (*)
Empty Bowls Rosemarie Atencio
Clay In Education Paula MacCullen
Workshops Michael Morrison

Those positions indicated with an asterisk (*) had no candidates volunteer and the current officers agreed to continue. The vote was called on the entire slate of officers and passed unanimously.

Susan Fishel suggested that since the Treasurer of Local Clay and ClayFest works on the same "books" (as we only have one bank account) it would make sense to have them always be the same person and have the same term of office (ClayFest is three years). Rhoda requested that she add this to the agenda for the upcoming Board meeting.

As an aside, I would like to note for anyone either not at the meeting or having second thoughts that the position of Secretary is always open to anyone interested. This will be my third year as Secretary, and along with my other two ClayFest positions, I could use a break. If anyone is interested the job description can be found on our webpage at http://members.efn.org/~clayfest/Forms/localsecreatry.htm or you can contact me directly (localclay@clayfest.org or 541-683-6330).


Frank explained that when Joe Davis left the area a new photographer had taken over his client list. John Meyers (521-9747 in Eugene) is now doing work as MoonRay Imaging. Frank had an opportunity to use John's services and was most impressed with the work. John has an excellent background and a fully-equipped studio capable of excellent work (including new digital capabilities). Frank mentioned that he took 8 pots to John, who spent two hours photographing them and provided Frank with the film and a disc of digitals for $120. Frank suggested that others may want to utilize MoonRay Imaging for their work. You can check out John's work at http://www.moonrayimaging.com/

The last remaining Local Clay T-shirts were sold off for $6

The annual Local Clay Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 2nd and all Local Clay members are welcome. This meeting is held at Frank Gosar's home and attendance is traditionally just the Board members, so if you are planning on sitting-in (non-voting attendance) it would be appreciated if you would let Frank know (fgosar@efn.org or 541-607-2708) as room/seating is limited. The meeting will discuss the budgeting of the various committees and proposed policy changes.