Empty Bowls

Charity Begins at the Wheel ...

The Empty Bowls Project was begun over 15 years ago by pottery students in Michigan; today groups all over the world participate in this cooperative effort to end hunger. Local Clay first joined Food For Lane County in hosting an Annual Empty Bowls Project sale in the 1999 and since then our commitment to local hunger relief has steadily grown. Local Clay members also coordinate an Empty Bowls project in Roseburg, as well as participating in the OPA's Empty Bowls sale in Portland. Our hope is that each bowl will be used daily and appreciated for its aesthetic and functional value, yet serve as a reminder that we still live in a world where people go hungry.

This year Local Clay sponsored another Throw-a-thon to support the project. Just imagine dozens of potters gathered in one studio at one time making bowls for this great cause. Not only was it a wonderful way to add to the number of bowls we collect from individuals it was a great social event! Clay was donated by Georgies Ceramics, Food For Lane County provided the food to keep us going, and Clay Spaceprovided the studio space. From 10AM until 5PM potters came-and-went, throwing pots and sharing techniques. By the end of the day we had gone through 400+ pounds of clay and had made many hundreds of bowls.

For more information you can click on the following links to the Empty Bowls Project or Food For Lane County or contact our Empty Bowls co-ordinator at emptybowls@clayfest.org