Clay Fest Steering Committee PositionsClay Fest Steering Committee Positions

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Local Clay's annual show - Clay Fest - is run by a Steering Committee comprised of volunteers from the ceramics community. The Steering Committee is made up of approximately twenty separate Committee Chairs. This allows us to divide up the enormous amount of work required to put on the show into manageable tasks.

In order to promote getting involved in the show's management, we have provided incentives for the Committee Chairs which (in some small way) we hope will say thanks for the efforts on behalf of all Local Clay members. To learn more about the specifics of how the Steering Committee is structured and functions, you can follow this link to our Policies section.

Committee Chair Positions:

PositionStatusEmail Address
Treasurer(*) (*).
Gallery Set
Booth SignageFilled
Credit/debit (visa)Filled

(*) These positions require solid computer knowledge as they areset-up using standard software for wordprocessing, database, etc.

If you have more general questions, you can simply click to emailthe Chairperson