Clay Fest Job Description

Updated September 2014

Workshifts Chair

The Workshifts Chair is responsible for organizing and delegating Committee and Workshift assignments to participants of Clay Fest.

The bulk of the work for this position does not occur until after the application deadline has passed when participants return the workshifts and committee assignments portion of the application package to the Workshift chair.

This Chair will spend approximately 35 to 40 hours sifting through and organizing the information provided on returned forms onto a work chart that covers all the required committee jobs and workshifts. After all the shifts have been assigned to participants the Workshift Chair then provides the Registrar with a comprehensive listing of these assignments. It is the Registrars task to mail out this info in the Move-In Packet.

From this point until the start of the Clay Fest event there will undoubtedly be drops and adds and calls from some participants notifying the Workshift Chair of changes or duties that they cannot perform. It is the job of this Chair to make adjustments and shifts in scheduling where possible. Changes can occur right up to the last minute and you must be flexible and as accommodating as possible.  Changes that are made after the Registrar has sent out the move in packet require communication with anyone whose assignment or time has changed.  If there is a drop or add to a committee the committee chair also needs to be notified of the change.

Lastly, it is the responsibility of this Chair to provide a typed listing of Committee Assignments and Workshifts for posting on set-up day and a Sign-In listing during the event.

At the end of the show, the Chair needs to notify the Bookkeeper of anyone who missed a workshift, so it can be taken into account when writing out show checks.

For more information click this link to send us an email : Subject: Workshifts Openings