Show Furnishings Job Description - 2014

Pipe and Drape


1) Negotiate and select an outside contractor to install pipe-and-drape

                        - DWA Events (Portland) – VP Sales - Patti Beyer                                                  503-228-6800 – (Mon -Fri 8-5)

                        - Contact them when we have selected the dates (Jan-Feb) to put us on their calendar


2) Submit Budget at Feb meeting –

                                                1) P & D and light bars for chairs  

                        (Info -- sales -- kids clay-- demo -- gallery storage –- bookkeeping -- clay in ed)

                                                2) sound system (if itŐs NOT from the fairgrounds)  

                                                3) musician


3) Take chairsŐ orders for pipe-and-drape by phone/email prior to show   


4) Provide set-up maps for the pipe and drape company plus a list with booth# and drape color  --- one map for potters and one map for common areas                           


                        - Registrar provides floor plan  - mark map with 3 colors for drape (BL, WH, MR)


5) Supervise the set-up to ensure correct placement and allocation – walk through arranged with DWA


6) Determine price of pipe and drape per booth 


7) Coordinate with Bookkeeper to ensure all participants booth fees are correct (right after show)

Sound System

Coordinate audio equipment rental from outside contractor


1) Submit budget at Feb meeting


2) Ensure all Committee Chairs' needs for audio support are met

            - DEMO microphone

            - Information/Security announcement system and microphone

            - Music/stereo system for show's background music ?


3) Negotiate and select a contractor to install audio equipment

            - Pro Sound, Eugene (W 11th) – 541-485-5252

            - Jan/Feb - Contact them when we know the dates to get on their calendar

            - or the fairgrounds – then Show Chair does the negotiating.


4) Supervise the set-up to ensure correct placement of speakers


5) Collect and provide music CDŐs for info table to play during show


Friday Night Musician


            Procure musician – approval of steering committee

                  Get contract to musician

Pay musician Friday night after they play