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Clay Fest Steering Committee Secretary

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January 2014


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To serve as the written recorder of the activities of the Clay Fest Steering committee

Responsibilities will include: Attending all six Steering Committee meeting, Taking Minutes of the Meetings, Distributing the Minutes, Maintaining and Updating the Policies of the Steering Committee, Create and Keep the Sign in as a Log of those present for each meeting, and Maintain a Notebook of historical information. 

Major Responsibilities/Essential Functions

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Attend All Six Clay Fest Steering Committee Meetings held throughout the year.  These are typically in January, February, March, May, September, and the wrap up in October.


Take Detailed Minutes in a template that is easy to read, and contains all voted decisions, and key parts of discussions.  It is important to bring those and the historical minutes to the meeting, because from time to time a question arises that needs clarification from a written source rather than from memory. 










Distribution of the minutes to the Steering Committee Sitting Members is essential.  Doing this in a timely manner so that they can respond with any changes prior to the next meeting keeps the discussion and Motion to Accept the Minutes to a very short part of the meeting.  The Minutes being sent to the Webmaster (also a Steering Committee Member) will make them part of the Clay Fest Web Site for all to see, whether Steering Committee member, Local Clay member, or someone from the outside visiting the web site. 


At the beginning of each year, the Secretary creates a Log In System, by which each person present will initial or sign in to assure that they have attended the appropriate amount of steering committee sessions, in order to receive credit for service.  The Log In System is maintained from year to year, as a part of the Secretary Notebook.








Manage appropriate information through multiple data systems.  This includes Word, or similar word processing computer program, a spreadsheet data base if necessary, and the ability to send attached documents via email. 




Serve as an information liaison between the Clayfest Steering Committee and Local Clay. 









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Preferred Work Experience and Qualifications

Skills: Spreadsheet/database/word-processing skills. Ability to send attached documents via email.