Sales Tags Chair

Committee members: one

Contact committee member to review time needs during show. Committee member acts as support to chair before and after show hours.

Budget: approximately $75 supplies

Supplies: Buy 2 reams of paper. Make sure to have a backup toner for printer. Check supply of pencils, highlighters, tape and replace what is needed.

Equipment: Request a table rental from show setup chair. Make sure all calculators, lamps, extension cords and copier are in good working order. Get the daily notebooks ready.


Before the Show

As soon as show members list is set- get list of participants from registrar. Go through list and make a list of people who are familiar with tags job. Tell work shifts chair who you need to be responsible for leading each tags shift.

Get list of booths and pipe and drape orders. Get lit of chairs and gallery only.

Make a sales sheet for each person with year in left hand top corner. Write name in Right hand corner with last name prominent. Make 2 copies of each sheet. Each of the sheets will go in the different days books so label each sheet Fri thru Sun and place alphabetically in the note books.

 Request printed address labels from registrar to mail checks & sales tags to participants.

Use info provided by registrar to create excel spread sheet.  Calculate the percentage each person pays, pipe and drape to charge and put it in spread sheet.

Use labels supplied by registrar to make an envelope for each participant. Place in alphabetical order in a box.

During the show

Set up work area in back room

For each work shift train folks on procedures (use box to periodically collect sales tag boards from sales tables, COPY each tag board before removing any tags, place tags evenly across rows to make totaling easier, tape down curling tags, total up full rows, mark through totaled tags with highligher, place total and your initials  at  end of each row)

Chair resolves any sales tag questions

Work with VISA chair and Cash Treasurer to compare totals

Enter daily sales in excel spreadsheet. Makes copies of each days sales tag pages.  As you enter and make copies, place original sales sheets in proper envelopes.  Keep track of any missed shifts, changes in pipe and drape broken pots and any other credits or debits and add any changes.( Make sure to keep everything, books, envelopes, spread sheet. Other wise chaos errupts.)

Put the copies in notebook and put out on the information table the next morning for folks to see. Write show total summary on front of book.

 After the show

Clean up back work area

 Make copies of Sunday pages

Make sure spreadsheet is final and everything is just right. Print out 3 copies of completed spread sheet 

Create summary form for each participant

 Meet with Treasurer to write checks, double check all envelopes to make sure everyone get the proper sales sheets and check. 

 Mail money summary form, check, and original pages to participants

Help resolve any money/sales tags issues participants may call about

Create end of show summary to be presented to follow up meeting