Job Description: Webmaster   (revised February 2014)


The Webmaster serves both components of the organization: Local Clay and Clay Fest.


Primary duties:


Manage website and support electronic needs of Local Clay and Clay Fest


Maintain website

Renew webhosting and domain name annually

Receive minutes from secretaries, change format as needed and post to website

Post Clay Fest application, move-in packet, etc

Post meetings and other events on calendar

Annually update membership on website, list booth numbers for annual show when available, upload photos to Members Gallery and Clay Fest prize winners

Maintain email addresses for officers and chairs, update annually after elections


This position requires existing experience in building web pages (html), converting file formats (pdf), uploading files (ftp), managing file/image sizes for web use, interfacing with non-technical members to ensure their full access to Local Clay’s website.


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