Job Description: Treasurer    (revised February 2014)


The Treasurer serves both components of the organization: Local Clay and Clay Fest


Primary duties:

maintain checking account

pay bills in timely manner

update signers on account after annual election

compile and present budget reports for Local Clay meetings and Clay Fest budget planning

work with Local Clay secretary to compile yearly membership list; provide to Clay Fest Registrar as needed

coordinate with Bookkeeper by providing necessary documents for tax preparation, etc.

provide requested information to Local Clay President and Clay Fest Chair as needed

update Annual Report and dba Registration with Secretary of State on annual basis (due in April)

meet with Clay Fest Chair and Sales Tag chair  in a timely manner after Clay Fest to write and mail participant checks


Note: Bookkeeper (currently a paid position) prepares paperwork for accountant, 1099Ős for show participants and maintains the books.


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