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Clay Fest Steering Committee Graphics chair

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January 2014


Job Summary*(In three or four sentences summarize the jobŐs purposeand primary focus.)

The Graphics chair creates our public visual image.  S/he creates bookmarks, postcards, posters and show map handouts, and supervises them through print production.  In association with the Publicity chair, s/he produces print ads, theatre ad images, and publicity photos, and delivers them to media in a timely fashion.

Responsibilities will include: soliciting pottery photos from members, design and layout of show publications and ads, some digital photo retouching and manipulation.

Major Responsibilities/Essential Functions

Estimated %ofTimeSpent

March/April: Design and have printed 5000 bookmarks before Ceramic Showcase


May: collect new publicity photos from members, convert to tiff format, archive, begin design process


June/July: Preliminary design work on poster and postcard; Produce and deliver Bijou ad card


August: Finish design and print 10,000 postcards.  Finalize poster/flyer design. Collect artist photos for print ads.


September: Print poster and flyer.  Deliver finished postcards to mailing service. Produce print ads.

October: Deliver print ads and digital publicity photos to print media.  Prepare and print map handouts. Have poster laminated for archival purposes.







Job Qualifications *

Design skills and experience, knowledge of PhotoShop and a compatible Graphics program, ability to track expenses and deliver work to deadline, able to self-motivate and work independently.

Preferred Work Experience and Qualifications

Skills: Graphic design, familiarity with graphics software and web-based printing, PhotoShop.