Clay Fest Job Description

Updated February 2014

Postering Chair

Ask Committee Chairperson to give you as many local Eugene people as possible for postering. (10-12 total needed) Keep track of copy and postage expenses to submit to treasurer ASAP after the show.

Break up city into different areas, with people being responsible for 30-40 posters each. (See master list and maps) Contact each committee member by phone or email to make sure they know what is expected and how to get posters, list, instructions, etc. Each person should get a sheet discussing postering tips, a list of others on the committee and where they will be working and a print out of the list for their area of responsibility. They will need to add to and edit this list for next year and turn it in to the poster chair so the list can be updated

Make up an email and regular mail list for sending instruction documents ( update if necessary), posters and area list or maps to committee members that are hanging posters out of town-Bend, Coast, Corvallis/Albany, Ashland, etc. Eugene/Springfield area committee members can pick up posters at Georgies or the Clay Fest meeting. The posters need to be up by two weeks before the show so be sure that everyone has a way to access their posters by that time. Contact each person to make sure they got their list, instructions and posters about 3 weeks out at least. They will need at least a week to hang them. Some places will take down posters after a week so important spots should be checked and replaced if need be. Sometimes the postcards work better for places that are really crowded or if they are taken down early.

Take posters to Georgie's-Take a copy of the master list, highlight the areas that are being covered by the poster committee with the names of who is doing what. Attach it to a clipboard-tie a pen to the top and leave it next to the posters at Georgie's. They usually have a spot set up for them. Put up a sign with description of how the community can help and ask that people who take posters write down where they hang posters and make notes about changes and or additions and things we need to know about this area/business for next year. Ask them to please leave this info with the clip board. The poster chair then picks up the clipboard and list after postering is complete.

Maintain list and postering documents: Collect lists from committee members and clipboard and edit/add to next year's list. Pass along these files to the next person to take the job. This position would be best for someone close to or residing in the Eugene area.

For more information click this link to send us an email : Subject: Postering Openings