Clay Fest Cash Chair Guidelines

This position covers all duties related to cash and checks collected from sales and raffles during the show.


Annual Budget:  $25.00


Primary Responsibilities:

       Set up tills for cashiers;

       Count all cash and checks collected during the show, including pottery sales and Clay in Ed raffles;

       Prepare and transport deposits to bank;

       Prepare reports for and work closely with Sales Chair, Credit/Debit Chair, and Local Clay Treasurer (Treasurer), and Sales Tag Chair; and

       Attend Clay Fest Steering Committee meetings.


Committee:  There will be one Cash Committee member in addition to the Cash Chair to assist in:

       Preparing tills,

       Distributing tills to cashiers,

       Collecting tills at shift end,

       Counting and reconciling cash and checks,

       Preparing and copying Daily Till and Summary sheets,

       Copying checks for mailing list information,

       Copying deposit slips and deposit bag tear-offs,

       Preparing deposits,

       Accompanying Cash Chair to bank for deposits, and

       Set up and tear down of work area.




Determine committee supply needs and present budget to Steering Committee.


August :

Contact committee member to discuss responsibilities.



       Purchase committee supplies,

       Check work shift schedule to determine the number of tills required for show, and

       Contact Treasurer to confirm a time to obtain:

s  Check for start-up till cash;

s  Deposit slips, if needed; and

s  Check endorsement stamp.



       Call bank to order till cash in the proper denominations.






Set-up Day:

       At bank:

s  Exchange check from Treasurer for till and spare till change cash;

s  Obtain a minimum of one deposit bag per till; and

s  Obtain night deposit key, if necessary.

       With committee member:

s  Set-up work area,

s  Label and stamp enough small manila till envelopes for the number of tills,

s  Prepare start-up tills, and

s  Prepare spare till change envelope.

       Cash Chair has responsibility and accountability for security of all monies during the show:

s  Store all start-up tills, spare change, and completed deposit bags in secured lock boxes supplied by Treasurer,

s  Deposit completed deposit bags nightly, and

s  Take undeposited cash home with you at night and keep in a secure location.

       Organize and label nineteen manila envelopes for:

s  Original Till Money, to be kept in a lock box;

s  Blank Daily Till Sheets;

s  Blank Daily Till Summary Sheets;

s  Check photocopies for Mail List Chair;

s  Gift certificates for Treasurer;

s  Cash/Check Receipts and Check Tapes for Sales Tag Chair;

s  Copies of deposit slips and deposit bag tear-offs for Treasurer, Sales Tag Chair and Cash Committee;

s  Original Daily Till Sheets retained by Cash Committee and copies for Treasurer and Sales Tag Chair;

s  Original Daily Till Summary Sheets retained by Cash Committee and copies for Treasurer and Sales Tag Chair; and

s  Original Daily Raffle Till Sheet retained by Cash Committee and copies for the Treasurer, Sales Tag Chair and Clay in Ed Chair.


During Clay Fest:

       Pick up and distribute tills to cashiers:

       Pick up raffle money collected during each shift from the Information Table.

       Account for, document and secure all cash and checks from sales and raffles.

s  Prepare Daily Till Sheets,

s  Prepare till deposits,

s  Prepare Daily Till Summary Sheets,

s  Make photocopies, and

s  Transport deposits to bank for nightly deposit.


End of Show:

       Prepare deposits for Original Till Money and Till Change cash,

       Make photocopies, prepare large manila envelopes, and distribute documents to Chairs, and

       Transport daily till deposits, original till deposit, and Clay in Education Raffle deposit to bank for nightly deposit.