Cash Treasurer

This position covers all duties related to cash and checks collected from sales during the show.


Annual Budget:  $25.00 (cash envelopes, calculator tapes, and miscellaneous office supplies as needed).


Primary responsibilities:

Š      Set up tills for cashiers

Š      Count all cash and checks collected during the show

Š      Prepare and transport deposits to bank (currently Pacific Continental, 1450 High Street, Eugene, OR, 541-686-8685)

Š      Prepare reports for and work closely with Sales Chair, Debit/Credit Chair, Bookkeeping Chair, and Treasurer to ensure the Sales/Bookkeeping system is efficient and meets the needs of committees involved

Š      Attend Clay Fest Steering Committee meetings


Committee:  There will be one Cash Committee member (in addition to the Cash Treasurer) to assist in:

Š      Preparing tills

Š      Distributing tills to cashiers

Š      Collecting tills at shift end

Š      Counting and reconciling cash and checks

Š      Preparing Daily Till and Summary sheets

Š      Preparing deposits

Š      Copying checks for mailing list information

Š      Accompanying Cash Treasurer to bank

Š      Set up and tear down of work area




Present budget at Steering Committee meeting.


August :

Contact committee member to discuss responsibilities during the show.



Š      Check work shift schedule to determine the number of tills required for show

Š      Contact Local Clay Treasurer to coordinate:

s  Obtaining check for start-up till cash (made out to cash sufficient for $120.00 per till plus another $120 in 5’s and 10’s to have on hand for tills needing change)

s  Deposit slips

s  Check endorsement stamp

Š      Obtain and label sufficient manila till envelopes with stamped with Cashier Name, Date, Day, Shift Number, and Till Number


First set-up day:

Š      Call bank to order cash in the following denominations:

§  Forty 1’s times number of tills

§  Eight 5’s times number of tills

§  Four 10’s times number of tills

§  Six 10’s and twelve 5’s for “on-hand” cash

Š      Take check to bank to obtain till cash

Š      Obtain a minimum of one deposit bag and one deposit slip per till from bank

Š      Obtain night deposit key from bank, if not found in zippered bank bag in Cash Treasurer kit

Š      With committee member, set-up work area with:

§  1 table, 2 chairs, 2 lamps, 2 printing calculators, pens and pencils, paperclips, manila till envelopes and labels, power strip, deposit slips and bags, check endorsement stamp, and Daily Till and Till Summary sheets.

Š      With committee member, count out start-up tills for each shift in the show:

§  $120.00 each:  forty $1's, eight $5’s and four $10's

§  Double count each till; committee member and chair will each count each till.

§  Committee member and chair will each initial the bottom right corner on the back of each till envelope after correctly counting and placing cash in envelope

Š      Cash Treasurer has responsibility and accountability for safety and security of all funds during the show


During Clay Fest:

Š       Distribute tills to cashiers at the beginning of each shift.  Carry tills in a secure backpack or case.  Be at cashier stations approximately 15 minutes before each shift begins.  Committee member should accompany chair during this process.

Š       Pick up tills from off-going cashiers at end of each shift.  Make sure that each envelope is properly signed by cashier with the day circled, date, shift, and till number.

Š       In work area, Cash Treasurer and committee member will double count each shift cash and checks by till:

s  Make sure that day, date, and till number are clearly marked.

s  Count remaining cash and enter the amount for each.

s  Total the cash.

s  Total the checks, checking that numerical and written amounts agree.

o   Both committee members will zero the adding machine, then make a tape of each till’s checks.  Write the date, shift, and till on each tape.  One copy will accompany the bank deposit for that till and one copy will be retained with the receipts for that till.

o   The first counter will endorse each check with check endorsement stamp

o   The second counter will photocopy the checks while hiding routing numbers.  Staple multiple pages together and write the date, shift, and till on the top page.  Place photocopies in “CHECK PHOTOCOPY” envelope Clay Fest Mail List chair at the end of the show.

s  Input gift certificates, if any.  Put gift certificates in a single “GIFT CERTIFICATES” envelope to give to Local Clay Treasurer at the end of the show.

s  Input grand total at bottom of the Daily Till Sheet and initial.

§  Place cash and checks (minus the original till cash amount) on top of the till envelope and clip the appropriate Daily Till Sheet to till envelope.

§  Fill out deposit slip.  Include check tape and write in “See Tape” in check number slot.

§  Remove tear-off receipt from deposit bag and photocopy the tear-off receipt with the deposit slip.  Write date, shift, and till number on the photocopy.  Retain this photocopy in “DEPOSIT SLIP PHOTOCOPY” folder to give to Local Clay Treasurer at the end of the show.

§  Fill out information on deposit bag, including From: Local Clay, To: Pacific Continental, Date, Account Number, and Check and Cash Amounts.

§  Place cash, checks, and deposit slip in deposit bag.  Remove the air and seal tightly.  Cash Treasurer Chair will retain deposit bags for each till for nightly deposit at the end of each day. 

Š       Use Daily Till Sheets (one per till) for each shift until the end of the day.  At the end of each day, make one copy of each Daily Till sheet and retain in “DAILY TILL SHEET” folder to give to Clay Fest Bookkeeper and Cash Treasurer at the end of the show.

Š       At the end of each day, prepare Daily Till Summary sheets with shift and till totals for Cash/Check and Credit/Debit totals.

§  Credit/Debit Sales Chair will supply Visa information, totaled on the front of Visa receipt envelope.

§  Input all totals and make two copies.  Retain in “DAILY TILL SUMMARY SHEET” folder to give to Bookkeeper, Local Clay Treasurer, and Cash Treasurer at the end of the show.

Š       Transport deposits to bank for nightly deposit.  Committee member should accompany Chair.  At the night deposit, make sure that all deposit bags fall out of the hopper into the bank and that hopper is locked when finished.


(End of Show):

Š       Make out deposit slip and bag for original tills and “on hand” cash.  Photocopy deposit slip with bag tear-off receipt.

Š       Provide to Chairs as follows:

s  Photocopy of Daily Till Sheets - One to Bookkeeper and one for Cash Treasurer Committee records.

s  Photocopy of Daily Till Summary Sheets- One to Bookkeeper, one to Local Clay Treasurer, and one for Cash Treasurer Committee records.

s  Photocopies of deposit slip and bag tear-offs to Local Clay Treasurer.

s  Photocopy of Checks - one to Mailing List Chair.

s  Gift certificates retained by Cash Treasurer for Local Clay Treasurer.

s  Envelope of all till receipts retained by Cash Treasurer for Bookkeeper.

Š       Transport daily till and “original/on-hand” deposits to bank for nightly deposit.

Š       Cash Treasurer will retain records of Daily Till Sheets, Daily Till Sheet Summaries, Gift Certificates, and till receipts until informed by Bookkeeper and Local Clay Treasurer that show income is rectified and these records may be destroyed.