Clayfest Job Description

Updated February 2008

Mailing List Chair

Maintain ClayFest mailing list.

Call the mailing service for a quote and any price or procedure changes from the last year. Request a copy of the final bill (that is sent to the treasurer) for your records Use that information and last years bill to estimate your budget for the coming show. Discuss with the board what demographic areas we will want to target when we purchase from the RG database to supplement our customer list. This should happen at a meeting before summer break because there is not enough time to talk about it in the fall.

Ask for mailing list changes from ClayFest participants in the Acceptance Letter, as these need to be input and edited on the main mailing list well before the event. (In 2002 six people sent in mailing lists of 20-200 names, for a total of 980 additions/edits.) Artists should submit list to you not later than June 30 and should be in the form of an Excel or some other compatible database. If they are familiar enough with their list they can send only the additions and address changes which will save time for the mailing list chair. If not, you will have to add the whole list and merge and purge from there. Check for duplicates and multiple names at a single address--there are many more than you can imagine. If you sort data by last name you will catch some and then sort by address to catch others. The more we can correct our list the less time the mailing service will have to spend purging it which costs us $25 an hour. This will require a computer with Excel or other compatible database software that can sort data.

Add and edit customer addresses to mailing list after the show (by August at the latest). Add names and address changes from checks and exit pole. This can be in the many 100s so start early (in winter) because adding artist lists will also be a lot of update and purging work. Send a copy of the updated list to the current President as a back up and burn a CD or some sort of portable file also as backup.

Responsible for the mailing of Postcard for the event. (We have used the Register-Guard Bulk Mail Service "Guard Mail" for several years now. This is a reliable service and we have established a good relationship with the manager of the RG mailing service.)

Coordinate the mailing of postcards with mailing service, delivering them to mail service if necessary. They need some extras for printing purposes-ask how many. Get the mailing service our database 4 weeks before postcards go in the mail so it can be merged with the addresses we purchase and purged of duplicates. Pick-up leftover cards and take to Georgie's for publicity purposes.

Have Exit Poll pads printed for the show (1000) These will be used for customers that would like to be on the mailing list or to enter a change of address.

For more information click this link to send us an email : Subject: Mailing List Openings